Update 30 Release Notes


Official Release notes are now available for Update 30


Here is a look at some of the bigger higlights (I think) Check out release notes for the full read.


Celebrating the Anniversary, Dungeon-style!

Check out a new anniversary-themed dungeon in House Phiarlan! This dungeon is available from level 1-30.


The Gnomes have arrived! Free to VIPs and available in the DDO Store.
Gnomes: Gnomes are a sharp-witted race that excel in a variety of roles, including arcane spellcasters. They start with a +2 bonus to Intelligence and a -2 penalty to Strength. This purchase allows you to create new Gnome characters on any server. FREE FOR VIPs!
Deep Gnome Iconic: Start at level 15 with a powerful Deep Gnome Earthen Illusionist! Deep Gnomes have access to special racial abilities and unique Illusion spells. This purchase allows you to create new Deep Gnome characters on any server. As Iconic Hero characters, Deep Gnomes also have the ability to use the Hall of Heroes Passport feature when entering the game. FREE FOR VIPs!

News and Notes:

Cannith Crafting:

  • The new randomly-generated loot from Update  29 can now be deconstructed properly.


  • Arcane Archer now has a new active Tier 5 ability called Final Strike which deals area-of-effect damage on hit, and deals additional damage to injured enemies based on the hit point total of the enemy.
  • Soul Eater’s Cone Shape has had its casting time reduced.


Epic Destinies:

  • Exalted Angel’s Excoriate ability has been fixed to no longer stack its effect on itself too many times, which could cause lag.


  • Scion of Limbo’s spell damage proc now only functions on offensive spells.


  • Special 10th Anniversary gifts can be obtained by trading them for a token in House Phiarlan. Each character that logs into the game during the anniversary event through March will receive a token.
  • Chests will now glow blue for the entire party when a character gets a particularly lucky loot roll when initially interacting with the chest.
  • The proper Potions of Mnemonic Enhancement will now appear in the various loot tables.
  • The maximum possible bonus loot level to a chest has been lifted. Players should now see chests of the appropriate adjusted loot level regardless of their character level.
  • The Magma Fiendling Creature Companion Certificate is no longer Bound to Account, and is now Unbound.
  • The Vacuum benefit of Legendary Green Steel no longer applies Vulnerable to allies.
  • The “Spooky” bonus type, primarily found on Night Revels items, has had its name changed to “Festive” to support the bonus being used on non-scary things.
  • “Blank” end rewards should no longer appear in Three Barrel Cove and several other questing areas.
  • Broccoli Juice and Bacon have been added to taverns.
  • Treasure Hunter’s Elixirs are now functioning properly.
  • Jewels of Fortune now have their correct descriptive text.
  • Night Revels ingredients will now be removed from players’ inventories, now that they have become stale.

Quests and Adventure Areas:

  • Eveningstar Cavern
    • Fixed an issue where iconic characters could sometimes find themselves unable to travel back to Eberron.
  • Meridia
    • Legendary Shroud
      • Empty treasure bags should no longer appear.
  • Orchard of the Macabre
    • Ghosts of Perdition
      • The Wheep brothers now have high health on Epic Elite difficulty.
  • The Subterranean
    • Hound of Xoriat
      • The puppies are now less likely to turn around in unwanted situations.


  • Lightning Bolt is now a standard Artificer spell


  • The Founder’s Fountain has returned!
  • Challenge Rules can now be read by clicking on the question mark in a Challenge UI panel.
  • Party member voice volume can now be adjusted individually on a slider when in a party.
  • The scale and opacity of floating names can now be adjusted with sliders in the Options > UI Settings panel.
  • Guild Airship Amenity icons will no longer change to flask icons when clicked.
  • Bags will no longer automatically gather items if they do not occupy a backpack slot. This prevents an issue where destroyed bags could gather ingredients.


  • Players should now see fewer Awesomium processes in their computer’s Task Manager when running the DDO client.
  • The game credits have been updated.

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