New Dungeons And Dragons Storyline To Be Reveled On June 1st

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On June 1, WOTC plans to stream  D&D Live from Meltdown featuring comedians playing through a brand new story with characters they’ve created with the D&D story team.


Alison Haislip (G4, Comedy Central) will serve as host for D&D Live from Meltdown, unveiling new D&D products and corralling the shenanigans on stage including interviews with Chris Perkins, Mike Mearls, Rob Overmeyer (executive producer of Neverwinter) and other D&D creators.

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Matthew Mercer, veteran voice actor and leader of the popular series Critical Role, will be the Dungeon Master after working hand-in-hand with the team at Dungeons & Dragons to develop the adventure.


mercerMatthew Mercer



Tune-in to the Dungeons & Dragons Twitch channel – – on June 1 at 4pm PDT for the exciting unveiling of the new storyline and the accompanying line of products from partners including miniatures, apparel and video games from WizKids, Gale Force 9, We Love Fine, and Cryptic/Perfect World.


D&D Live from Meltdown will be hosted by Alison Haislip on Wednesday, June 1 at 4pm PDT and broadcasted live on the D&D Twitch channel.


There are rumors and speculation around the interwebs right now, that the storyline will involve, as always  we will not report on these.  We wont know anything till June 1st!



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