DDO Players Interview With Game Designer Mark Rein-Hagen Of Make Believe Games

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Mark Rein-Hagen is a role-playing, card, video and board game designer best known as the creator of Vampire: The Masquerade and its associated World of Darkness games. Along with Jonathan Tweet, he is also one of the original two designers of Ars Magica. A Short lived TV show Kindred: The Embraced based on V:TM was on for only 9 episodes, with Mark serving as a writer and producer. He went on to form Make Believe Games They released  game called Democracy. They also released an RPG I Am Zombie. And are currently in the process of kickstarting the follow up Toxicity I Am Zombie.


Mark_Rein·Hagen Drac has a chat with Mr Hagen,with topics ranging from living in Tbilisi Georgia, the Toxicity I Am Zombie Game, And of course Drac HAS to ask about Vampire: The Masquerade and the short lived TV Show Kindred The Embraced. We also touch on Larping and what’s to come with Make Believe Games.

If you wish to purchase any of the items we talked about in the interview

Democracy: Majority Rules
I am Zombie RPG: Play Kit  
Kindred: The Embraced – Complete Series
TOXICITY – I Am Zombie RPG Kickstarter

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