Gale Force Nine Curse Of Strahd DM Screen And Tarokka Deck Reviews

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We will start with the Dungeon Masters Screen.

P1030169 P1030170

The first thing I noticed is how well built it is, it’s very sturdy and thick. stands up well.

Let’s take a look at the outside panels first

P1030160 P1030161 P1030162 P1030163 P1030164

As you can see Strahd is very represented on the outside of your screen, so you players will see how is trying to kill them.. I wish they would have used the picture of him on his nightmare steed somewhere though.

So, as the DM you will be staring at the inside, so let’s take a look

P1030158 P1030159 P1030165 P1030166 P1030167 P1030168

I have to say they chose very well here. You will be using the random encounters table most of the time, so it’s great to have this handy to just glance at. And the maps save you time from having to flip back and forth in the book.

My final thoughts on the screen is, it’s well put together and looks great, as I said, wish they would have used some different artwork on front, but that’s a minor nitpick. The tables and maps on the inside are what you as the DM need so no compliments on that side at all.


When you your players reach Madam Eva for there fortunes of Ravenloft readings, why not have them do it style with the Tarokka Deck.

P1030171 P1030175

One note on the box, is the flaps seem to very easy to tear. So keep that in mind when you are opening your box. Now let’s take a look a the cards themselves.

P1030181 P1030182 P1030184 P1030185

The cards are a standard Magic size and so are easily protected with deck sleeves. The art is glorious and well done, it really draws you in. I just wish the cards were bigger so the art could be shown off more! Again, Minor nitpick,but Wow is this art wonderful!

The cards are well made, they feel very firm in your hand, and when your shuffling them.

In the deck you will find the instructions for a game called  Prophet’s Gambit. I


3-5 players attempt to assemble poker-like hands, with one shared card, one hidden card and three cards played face up in each of its three rounds. Depending on which card gets played, additional effects may trigger. It reminded me a bit like Three Dragon Ante. It was simple enough to pick up, and fun to play. The Instructions need to be more clear, as I was confused on a few points. But it’s nice to know that your deck can be used for something other then just the readings in the game.

My final thoughts on the deck, are if you want to add a bit more flair to your game, it’s nice to be able to have Madam Eva use this, it will help with the immersion factor I think, just make sure you use your best gypsy accent while doing it!

The Dungeon Master screen can be purchased on Amazon or you can pick it direct from Gale Force Nine

The Tarokka Deck can be purchased on Amazon or direct from Gale Force Nine


A BIG THANK YOU, To Gale Force Nine for sending us the DM Screen and Tarokka deck for this review


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