Phone Support To End – Support Adjustment



Cold Blue made a post over on the forums today announcing a few changes to the support structure


On Monday, June 6th we will be expanding our online and in-game support services as part of our efforts to provide speedier and higher quality responses to help requests. As a result, phone support will no longer be available for Dungeons and Dragons Online.

For account and billing related issues you can continue to contact us online via

To request assistance from within the game, simply click the ‘New Ticket’ button on the Help Panel.

Thank you!



So, is this a sign of doom? Or just a money saving move? Only time will tell.

I do hope that the phone support staff, will get moved over to the email support team at least.

This change also effects LOTRO as well.





  1. Phone support is ending for LOTRO too.

  2. Kageryu00- /

    Expanding support is a lie… I had a +20 heart that did not let me respec my char. I have opened 4 tickets over the past 4 days.. and I have been online, in th reincarnation grove for about 8 hours a day.. every single day.. 4 days… I log in the next day, and my ticket is CLOSED with the comment you need to be online for us to help you. Literally I am logged in like 8 hours a day, for the past 4 days just sitting here waiting for my reincarnation to be fixed. in that time, my static group has out leveled me.. so i am out of sync with my group… I am and have been a paying VIP for the past 10 years, so I do indeed feel quite slighted by this. especially since I have not been able to play in the past 4 days. so I have been online in total waiting for my issue to be looked at by a GM for 32 hours in the past 4 days… and I have gotten 0 support what-so-ever… and I have the support tickets, that are indeed timestamped to prove it.
    its a lie.. dont believe that the hours are expanded and support improved. I know it is not true, and have the timestamped tickets to back that up.

    thanks for listening to my Rant.

    and love the show by the way.. faithful listener first time writer.. 🙂

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