Meet The Duchess Your New Gaming Table

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If you have ever priced out gaming tables, you know what price range you will pay. The folks over at are kickstarting a amazing table that STARTS at $499

That is totally unheard of in the realm of artisan gaming tables.


The Duchess, a 5′ by 3′ gaming table with a recessed playing surface and the options to add cup holders and/or a table topper (for an extra cost), all for only $499.

You can add on several things that will of course raise the price. Cup Holders? Sure. They even offer a table topper that will turn the Duchess into a normal table.

Some assembly will be required – The table will ship in 12 pieces that you will assemble at home. This makes production and shipping cheaper. They state that anyone can do it with just a screwdriver.


The kickstarter is up and running with 24 more days to go, and has all ready funded.


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