Weekly DDO World Restarts on Wednesday

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Community Manager Cordovan posted today that starting this week on Wednesday, we are going to get weekly “world restarts”


Starting on Wednesday, July 27th (tomorrow), we will be doing regular weekly restarts of the DDO game worlds. These weekly restarts will take place starting at 8:00 AM Eastern (-4 GMT) every Wednesday. This is being done to promote the general health of the game environment. Click here for your local time.

He also added a few more things

NOTE: We’ll put an estimated uptime up after we work through this enough to be confident in our process, but the estimated downtime should be around an hour or so.

NOTE: When the worlds reopen, it will take up to an hour for guild airship amenities to repopulate.


I for one think this is a GOOD thing, it should in “theory” make the servers more stable, I guess only time will tell.





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