Mythic Battles: Pantheon Kickstarter

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Mythic Battles: Pantheon is a miniatures board game for 2 to 4 players that puts you in an Olympian God’s sandals! It offers several game modes: from tactical battles against other Gods, to scenarios and campaigns that’ll take you on an epic adventure across the devastated ruins of Ancient Greece. A typical game lasts 60-90 minutes.

After more than a year in development and rave reviews from hundreds of demos at game conventions worldwide, Mythic Games and Monolith Entertainment announce today the launch of the Mythic Battles: Pantheon Kickstarter. The Mythic Battles: Pantheon Kickstarter is now live and runs through December 2, 2016.




Mythic Battles: Pantheon features a redesign by original Mythic Battles, innovative game play for two-four players in both scenarios and skirmishes, highly detailed miniatures in scaled human, god and titan sizes.

“Players will be gods in the golden age of ancient Greece as they battle to become the new ruler of Olympus, We’ve been developing Mythic Battles: Pantheon for more than a year and the result is a truly epic miniatures board game experience!” – Léonidas Vesperini, project manager of Mythic Games

The mighty Titans of Greek lore awoke and unleashed a massive attack on Olympus. While the Titans were ultimately defeated, the world was ravaged and the surviving Olympians now mere mortals. As the former Gods awake to a broken world, Mythic Battles: Pantheon begins their adventure through Olympus, Styx and the Labyrinth of Minos to regain the glory left decimated by the wrath of the Titans. Playing as Zeus, Athena or any number of Greek gods alongside an army of heroes such as Achilles and Hercules and monsters such as the Hydra, Cerberus and Medusa, in victory players will be a god.




Each God, hero, or monster possesses spectacular and unique powers. The game blends elements of drafting forces, card management, and special dice to enable skilful use of combos and player influence over chance.



The Kickstarter funded in about 5 mins! So it’s stretch goal time! You have 30 days (As of this posting)

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