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The pocket edition of the Core Rule book is the same content, but smaller. There are no omissions or abridgments, all of the art is still present, and it’s still full color. The book still looks great. A traditional hardcover Pathfinder Core Rule book is about 8.6” x 11” by 1.3.” The pocket edition is about 6.5” x 8.3” x 1.1”.  So the pocket edition is about 60% of the size pzo1110-pe-aof a standard Core Rule book. It’s also half the price of it’s big brother counterpart..




My Nitpicks

There were a few things that I need to point on with these editions.

The text is smaller than the standard Core Rule book (same content + smaller page = smaller font), I’ve mentioned before that I’m almost legally blind in my right eye, and wear glasses, I found it a bit hard to read, nothing that was too off putting mind you, just keep that in mind, if you like me might be visually impaired.

The pocket edition is also not going to lay flat on the table. This is not that big of deal to myself, but I know some people might find this annoying. Just wanted to put that out there



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Final Thoughts

They provide the same content of the hardbacks in a lighter and more easily carried version. Couple that with the half the price tag, then I’d have to suggest if you don’t own the hardcover editions this is the editions you should pick up. They are handy to carry, won’t take up much space in your bag, and can easily be thumbed through while sitting at the table.

I would suggest these for anyone that needs these 2 books, but does not want to go with the PDF versions.


Where To Buy

The pocket edition Core Rule book  can be found at Paizo web store

The pocket edition Bestiary  can also be found at the Paizo web store

Or if you prefer to shop Amazon

The pocket edition Core Rule book

The pocket edition Bestiary


We would like to think Paizo for sending the review copies over for this review.


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