Wartime Coming From WizKids

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WizKids has announced a new board game called Wartime releasing in June.



Stop me if your heard this one before, A fantasy battle between humans and orcs, Wartime will force players to think on their feet instead of taking structured turns, like most other games of the genre,  Each player has a number of 30-, 60-, and 90-second sand timers which must be flipped when one of their units takes an action, be it move, attack, or use magic.  That unit cannot act again until the timer resets.  Victory depends as much upon successful management of the timers as it does on effective use of unit abilities.

Wartime is a scenario-based war game, and includes a branching mission campaign in which the results of each scenario determines the progress of the war.

Another twist is that players can also configure their units for the scenario they are playing, or even create their own scenarios.

Wartime is for 2 or more players, ages 14 and up, and each scenario can be played in about 10 minutes.  MSRP is $59.99.

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  1. Color me intrigued. This sounds like a pretty nifty game. Though, with Wizkids producing miniatures for both Wizard of the Coast using the D&D license, and Paizo using the Pathfinder license, you’d think this wouldn’t be ‘generic’ themed and would instead carry one of these big-two properties.

    They (Wizkids) are even doing boardgames for WotC using the D&D license, seems like this would fit the bill. Go look up Against the Giants, coming this year.

    Either way, I’m interested, and pending initial looks, will like purchase.

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