Gatekeepers RPG Interview With Designer Ilya Bossov

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Drac has a chat with game designer Ilya Bossov and Play Tester Jerry “Cordovan” Snook about the game Gatekeepers, which is up on Kickstarter now!

We also have a chat about Dungeons & Dragons Online as Ilya was a content designer for the game, back in the early days (Flimsy Firewood)


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  1. Graskitch /

    was Flimsy Firewood the forum name for Ilya Bossov when he worked on DDO?

  2. Graskitch /

    oops, sorry, I was only 3/4 of the way through the podcast when I asked, before they confirmed that Ilya was Flimsy Firewood when he was at DDO.

  3. Balalaikka /

    great interview, especially the DDO part at the end with FF. For some reason I love hearing the ‘back in the day’ stories about ddo.

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