This Belongs in a Museum Review



This Belongs in a Museum is the 3rd game in Rather Dashing Games Drawn & Quartered series. It has players taking the roles of competing archeologists trying to gain the most renown while avoiding mummies and finding ancient relics.



The main goal of This Belongs in a Museum is to connect the most temples of your color back to your home base before the pile of tiles runs out. Keep in mind though, you can also gain extra points by finding your five artifacts as the board is built and moving your color mummy onto opponents’ colored spaces. Of course to add to the strategy, you will have several things to help you, airports to help link back to your camp, or mountain ranges and oceans to maximize your movement. Also special tile actions to rearrange the way the board as been laid out.


Game Play And Set Up

Setup is easy, just as it is with the other Drawn & Quartered series game.  Choose your archeologist, their color base camp tile, and 5 random artifact tiles that match the archeologist’s color. These tiles stay hidden from other players. The stack of board tiles is then shuffled and each player takes 3 into their hand. The Mummy Tomb is placed on the table with everyone’s mummy on it.



Each turn a player places a tile, optionally uses an action if the tile has one, may move their archeologists up to 3 spaces, collects an artifact (if possible), and draws a new tile. Any mummy can be moved instead of using a tile action. Play continues this way until all the tiles run out, then the game is scored.

Every space matching an archeologist’s base camp that is attached to their base camp is worth 1 point. Airports can also remotely attach spaces to a player’s base camp. An archeologist standing in an area of their own color that isn’t attached to their base camp can score those spaces, also. Each artifact picked up along the way is worth 3 points each. Lastly, if the player’s mummy in on an area of an opponent’s color, those spaces are scored for the mummy’s owner instead of that color player. Whoever has the most points win.


Artwork, and Game Compontents


This Belongs in the Museum upholds Rather Dashing Games wonderful artwork. The cardboard player and mummy characters are whimsical, yet the colors pop. I like the style of art that Grant Wilson went with here.  Notice I said cardboard, as in the other Drawn game, you have all cardboard pieces, well there are nice sturdy plastic stand to sit your characters in, but over all your looking at well-made sturdy cardboard, I am sure this will hold up over many game plays. It feels sturdy in your hand, and to me that’s what you want.




Final Thoughts

As with all other Rather Dashing Games, the instructions to the game are simply written and easy to understand, it should not take you too long to jump right in and start moving along. The game plays along at fast pace, please don’t let that fool you though, there is a nice bit of strategy that is involved here, as with the other great games in the Drawn & Quartered series. Designer Mike Richie has once again, brought us a strategic yet very engaging game. This one will I’m sure bring a lot of fun to your game night, as you can only imagine, the one liners from a certain movie that will be thrown around as you’re playing!  This might belong in a museum, but it certainly belongs on your game shelf as well.


This Belongs In A Museum, will be released in a few weeks. For more information on the game head over to the official page




A special thanks to Rather Dashing Games for providing us with our review copy. Which had no effect on the outcome of the review


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