Gen Con 50 Event Catalog Now Live!

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Gen Con attendees can get their first chance to view the initial list of Gen Con 50 events right now, as the Event Catalog is now launched on



With the release of the Event Catalog, attendees can begin building their Wish Lists on, preparing for the opening of Event Registration on Sunday, May 28 at noon (Eastern). Gen Con provides several different ways to explore the event listings with more than 10,000 events available for initial exploration and thousands more on the way. You can start planning your gaming schedule this weekend!

You’ll be able to search for events 3 different ways:

  • “Find Events” tool which works on mobile and desktop
  • Classic Event Finder
  • A downloadable spreadsheet that updates every six hours made available on the forums.

To build your own you’ll need a account and a Gen Con 50 badge. Once you sign in you can add events to your Wish List with any of the three event search methods. You can also modify it; changing event priority and adding events that overlap in schedule. A word of warning though: Don’t get too overzealous. You can only have up to 50 events in your Wish List.

New to Gen Con? or  Event Registration? Gen Con will release several newsletters in the coming weeks to explain how to create your Wish List, participate in Event Registration, and purchase event tickets.

While the Event Catalog will debut with thousands of events to explore, this offering is just an initial list of available events. Events, as always, are subject to change. Don’t see an old favorite? Don’t stress; many events will be added soon. Additional events, including some from large event organizers, will get added to the listings in the coming weeks.

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