Star Trek Adventures RPG Borg Cube Set

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The Star Trek RPG Is coming later this year, we talked with Chris Birch from Modiphius about the project, in case you missed it.

For those that consider themselves BIG Trekkies, This will be a must have addition to your collection then, Star Trek Adventures RPG Limited Edition Borg Cube Boxed Set





  • “1701-D” Collectible Edition Core Rulebook
  • Original Series, Next Generation, Klingon, and Romulan miniatures sets
  • ​Foam miniatures storage tray
  • Custom Star Trek dice (in red, gold, and blue, of course)
  • Tokens
  • GM screen
  • Starfleet geomorphic deck tiles
  • Character sheets
  • Momentum and Threat game tokens
  • ​Poster map of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.


Geek & Sundry broke the news on this, and has some more pictures and information about it, looks like June 8th you can pre order it.  To quote my friend


“Your wallets will be assimilated”


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