Unlabeled – The Blind Beer Tasting Game On Kickstarter

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Beer and gaming go hand in hand, so why not grab some cold ones and make that the game!



To play Unlabeled, each player brings one or two beers to the table. You can also play at your favorite beer bar, just ask for a random flight of beer with the names hidden.
The game is played one round at a time. Each round, one player serves a small portion of their “unlabeled” beer. Other players taste the beer, evaluate the game board, and attempt to identify the characteristics, beer style, or specific type. Think you know the exact beer? You can throw your piece in the middle and state the brewery and beer name for max points!


  • Points are  awarded based on your  accuracy to identify the  “unlabeled” beer..
    A simple beer characteristic
    ALE ORLAGER? The beer’s category PORTER OR STOUT?
    The beer type within a category
    OATMEAL STOUT OR IRISHSTOUT? Earn maximum points for identifying the EXACT NAMEANDBRERWERY
    Push your  luck too far and you could score zero!



•     Linen finished cardboard box
•     18″ x 18″ Game board
•     6 x Wooden beer barrel game pieces
•     6 x Wooden cubes (point tracking)
•     32 x Beer ID Sheets for playing at the bar
•     Instruction manual including alternative gameplay
•         Beer style  guide  providing multiple beer examples for every place on the board


The kickstarter is up and running now, (As of this posting) they are at 66 % of the goal with 17 days left to go.


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