Tomb of Annihilation New Adventure For Dungeons & Dragons 5E

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The big announcement was yesterday during the “Stream of Annihilation” 1rst day.



Tomb of Annihilation takes place in the jungles of Chult, and the region’s last bastion of civilization the city of Port Nyranzaru. The land is plagued with the undead, dinosaurs, and undead dinosaurs. Let that sink in a few seconds, I said UNDEAD DINOSAURS! there will be a T-Rex that “Pukes” up zombies.  Acererak, of the legendary Tomb of Horrors, has returned. Resurrection magic is failing and those brought back to life are starting to fade. Find the right guide, journey into the Jungles of Chult, and maybe even have some dinosaur races in the capital city.

Here is all that we know so far

  • The story will involve the lich Acererak, who is absorbing resurrection magic from the Forgotten Realms, causing a zombie apocalypse.
  • You can race dinosaurs.
  • You can also hire guides to take you through the jungle, some of whom may lead you astray. At least one of the NPCs was created by Pendleton Ward, Creator of Adventure Time
  • “Meat Grinder Mode”: Death Saves are 15 or higher
  • September 8th in FLGS, September 19 wide release


Mike Mearls said that Chris Perkins pitched it to him this way

“Indiana Jones meets zombies.”


More information as we get it!


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