Dungeon Crawler Unbound Card Game Review



This review only covers the Solitaire version of the game. Dungeon Crawler supports a total of four different formats of play. These are Solitaire, Competitive (2-players), Co-operative (2-4 players), and Multi-player (3 -6 players).

Dungeon Crawler is a well a Dungeon Crawl, it’s you and against the dungeon. You will do that with the different decks of cards.



This game is comprised of three different decks of cards and a number of tokens used for tracking values in the game. This is an expandable card game (it was previously released as a collectible card game) To sum it up, you can purchase more decks which provide a richer and more customization experience, to the game. But only if you wish to. I’m only going to talk about the Dungeon Crawler Starter Pack which has a total of 140 non-randomized cards. (Remember this is not a collectible game anymore!)

  • In the starter box, you get 140 cards: 5 Adventurers (heroes), 5 Quests, 65 Dungeon Cards and 65 Crawler cards (player deck), And a set of tokens to track wounds, poisons, things like that.
  • The dungeon cards consist of 4 types: Characters (enemies), Traps, Locations, and events.
  • The Crawler cards are also of 4 types: Equipment, Tactics, Skills, and Magic.



The cards are very well made, they are fairly thick, and have a plastic feel to them, (Even though they are not) they have a slight shine, the text on the cards is fairly easy to read, as I’ve mentioned before I’m almost legally blind in one eye, there were a few that I had problems reading, I’m sure this due to my eyes, and not the cards themselves, just something to keep in mind.  The artwork on the cards is top notch and really draws you in the theme. The tokens are small, circular cardboard and have two different sides making them useful in a number of situations as the game calls for them.  Over all, I must say the comments are very well made, and I think they will stand up to many hours on the table.



There is a lot to the setup as you are building a few decks, and picking a story. But first, you have to determine what the story of the game will be. There are cards for this, or you can use pre-designed adventures you can use created by the publisher and also quite a few by the fan community.

Before you create your decks, you have to pick the level of difficulty you want to make the game. The difficulty of the game will be influenced by the number of cards that will be used in the game, the game length, and the number of quests to be completed. A quick game only requires the completion of 1 Quest, a standard game requires 2 Quests, and a difficult game requires all 3 quests to be completed.



The game itself is played in rounds with several steps in each round to be completed in sequential order. These steps are listed below followed by a summary of what each step requires.

  •     Build the Encounter
  •     Respond
  •     Combat
  •     End Encounter


I have been pretty vague in talking about the game play, as This game has incredible depth and quality, that was a quick overview, there are strategy and tactics that come in to play as your build your deck and face the dungeon.


I think what really sets Dungeon Crawler apart from a lot of the other dungeon crawler type games out there is it gives you the ability to design your own adventure and play it the way you want, this gives you limitless replay value. My only negative on the game is pretty much what I love about it, all that flexibility means there is a lot to learn, you will spend a lot of time with the rules at first, it’s a lot to take in.

But all that aside, I think Dungeon Crawler is one of the best solo “dungeon crawlers” I have played in awhile, I’m sure the expansion decks will only add to the replayability aspect of the game.

For more information on Dungeon Crawler Unbound head over the official page.

To purchase a copy of the game head to the official store.


A big thank you to Gifted Vision inc for providing us with a copy of the game for review, this is no way had any effect on the outcome of the review.

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