DDO Players News Episode 162 – Just, Don’t Blink

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We cover the patch notes for Update 37 Patch 2 And talk about the new deck builder Dragonfire.


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Game News

Update 37 Patch 2 Release Notes

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 266

Store Sales

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  • Mirrors of Glamering
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On The Tabletop

Dragonfire Card Game Review

Week in Gaming

Drac Week

Ranger Lvl 13 With Pineleaf

Mists Of Ravenloft

The Light of the Land

  • Wrath of the Earth
  • Ravens’ Bane
  • Sunrise


Video Games

7 Days To Die

    • We started over with a new world new rules.


  • You started out alone, if you found somewhere you can add as an ally and talk them to on skype, you were on a team.. We all found each other but Rent. We are allowing 2 deaths a play session if you die more than that, you out of the session. But you can come back next play session, we are getting ready for our 1rst 7-day horde.



Pathfinder Kingmaker

  • (Early Pre Alpha Press Build)
  • Look for a first look video coming soon.



Legendary Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Mansions Of Madness Second Edition


Pineleaf Week

Human Druid 11 (with Drac)

Mists of Ravenloft


  • Wrath of the Earth


  • Raven’s Bane
  • Sunrise


Aasimar Favored Soul 4



  • Stand Your Ground – Managed to do some healing but skills need improving


  • Dirty Laundry
  • The Stormreaver Fresco
  • Again upgraded my staff at the brokers
  • Repossession
  • The Bookbinder Rescue
  • Ran this right after the patch
  • Requirements are now to defeat the thugs and find the family members
  • Escorting each out is now an optional objective
  • Managed to save all four anyway
  • Come out and Slay
  • The Sacred Helm
  • Missing in Action


Halfling Paladin 11 (Youtube Series)

Mists of Ravenloft


  • A Raven at the Door


  • A Mad Tea Party
  • Sealed in Amber



Sands of Menechtarun


  • Raid the Vulkoorim


  • Maraud the Mines
  • The Chamber of Rahmat





  • Finished the water temple



  • One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows – Torn to shreds on the second floor


  • Deep Space D-6 – One of the nastiest plays I recall having – Ouch
  • Onirim – Base Game, easy victory
  • Aeon’s End: War Eternal – Barely managed to defeat the Umber Titan
  • Aeon’s End (base game) – Lost against Rageborne


  • Started solo challenge for Aeon’s End. This is to go through all the bosses from the original game using a single character. Lostfirst
  • attempt.




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