Old Spice Brings Us A New D&D Character Class: The Gentleman

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Yes, THAT Old Spice.



Old Spice took to their Twitter account this week to introduce a custom character class for Dungeons & Dragons.


You might notice they don’t ever say the name Dungeons & Dragons because, as they say, legal reasons… but it’s pretty obvious what the four-page PDF is designed for.


The playable class is called The Gentleman and is based on a character built around a character with extreme confidence. It’s basically an overpowered Bard class, but have some interesting perks like being able to add their charisma and dexterity modifier to their armor class when done up in a fancy suit. They also get a base attack bonus at every level.

Most of the character’s abilities are rather overpowered and can override the Dungeon Master. His main attacks are “catchphrase” AKA “I’m On A Horse”  and “punchline”, but later skills include turning into an intelligent dog, instantly summoning a horse, and healing through his pleasant scent. He can also level up his party by getting a haircut, and at level 20 he becomes a being of pure energy and can ascend to a higher plane of existence, and can now privately speak to the DM in order to make anything explode at will.

There is also the Gentleman’s Code, which prevents the character from attacking an enemy of the opposite sex first.

You can download the 4 page PDF HERE

One thing of note this is designed for 3.5 and not 5th, should work fine for Pathfinder. Good luck getting your DM to let you roll one of this up!


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