5E Dungeon Master’s Guide Delayed


Mike Mearls who as you know is the head of R&D for D&D posted on his Twitter that the Dungeon Master’s Guide has been delayed


On a blog post He laid out the reason behind the delay

The text of both books received a level of review and oversight that sets a new standard for D&D. The layout and visual design was the result of hours spent carefully handcrafting the books. That extra time proved to be a huge boon, as the designers had the chance to go through each book page by page to make sure everything fit perfectly. Unfortunately, that additional effort came at the expense of the development schedule for the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

Therefore, the only choice we had is to push back the release date by three weeks.

Sounds like they want to make sure the book is the best it can be, which is a very good thing…


The new release date for the Dungeon Master’s Guide is December 9th. For those stores that take part in our early release program, the book goes on sale November 28th.

I noticed that Amazon has not updated there page (Or my order) But I’m going to assume  they will not be shipping until December 9th.






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