Thursday Oct 9th HotFix Notes


Cordovan posted on the official forums some notes on today’s downtime hotfix patch


Hotfix Notes:

  • Cargo Hold Airship Amenities will now be purchased at an NPC located in the lowest level of the guild airship, named Dagobar, the Second Mate. Amenities can no longer be purchased by double-clicking on the amenity space. Placement of amenities remains unchanged.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players level 20 and higher to not be able to acquire or re-acquire the raid The Mark of Death.
  • Corrected an issue that was causing some cosmetic armors to not display properly after being created with a Mirror of Glamering. NOTE: This fix is not able to be made retroactive, so players who have created a cosmetic armor with the Mirror of Glamering and are not satisfied with the resulting cosmetic should contact support either in-game or through
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the absolute minimum level of an armor to be retained when making a cosmetic armor using the Mirror of Glamering. This will retroactively fix cosmetic armors with minimum levels.


Known Issue: When speaking to Dagobar to purchase airship amenities, make sure to close the purchase panel UI prior to teleporting off your airship or speaking to another vendor. Dagobar is the Second Mate of your guild airship, and is located in the Cargo Hold. If you find yourself unable to speak to another vendor, you can correct this issue by logging out and then back into the game.


Still no update in sight for the hireling AI though.


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