Turbine Point Code Giveaway *CONTEST OVER*


We gave a two (2) 500 point turbine codes away, during our last show.

For those of you that could not join us in live in the chat-room, we thought we would also give you the chance to win as well!!

We have TWO (2) 500 Point TP Codes to giveaway!

All you have to do to win is just simply leave a comment to THIS POST!

From now till Monday December 1st at 10:00 Am EST    Contest Is Now Over!

The 2 winners have been contacted via the email they left when leaving there comment. Once I hear back I’ll post the winners name, if I don’t hear back from them within THREE (3) days I’ll draw another winner. I want to make sure these codes are used!

Look for more giveaways for us at DDO Players Soon!

And The Winner Are………


I will then count the number of replies that we have and go to Random.org and draw two (2) numbers.. I will then leave a comment with the winners names. You will then just send in an email to podcast@ddoplayers.com and I’ll email your codes!


We would like to thank Turbine for the codes. And thanks to all of you for showing us all the support that you have as we launched the site and podcast!


Thanks and good luck!



  1. Zirxion /

    The podcast is great. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Very nice of you! Would love some points! Thanks 🙂

  3. Entimix /

    How have I missed you guys starting up? Time to crunch through some back-issues, I think!

  4. Darrell /

    You guys are great

  5. The more podcasts, the merrier 🙂

  6. Everyone needs more TP !

  7. Thanks for the fun podcast and of course the lootz!

  8. Scott R Bond /

    It is nice to see the turbine team giving back ty

  9. Love these podcasts, they are a highlight for my day 🙂

  10. Zombies /

    I’m here for punch and pie

  11. Edward Tortoriello /

    Here’s hoping you all have a happy thanksgiving and plenty of DDO points

  12. nice show for new players

  13. I’m all for freebies.

    I’m all for listening to Podcasts while at work.

    I’m in.

    Keep it up, and keep getting the interviews too!

  14. PuntoCaps /


  15. Pat aka dreamwebweaver /

    This is very generous of you. woud love the turbine points

  16. Thanks for the podcast

  17. Matrim Daved /

    Points would be great. And I’m liking the show

  18. Long live Ddo

  19. Quite nice of you to do this 🙂

  20. Yay for contests!

  21. Seikojin /

    Neato frito on the articles. I hopes I wins!

  22. Raymo72 /

    This is great! Keep it up!

  23. *Wanders in*

    *Drops name in the bucket*


  24. 🙂 Thanks for doing this draw!

  25. thank you kindly!

  26. Headbusta /

    Thanks for your generosity!

  27. Golddigger /

    *bling* *bling*

  28. Anacleto /

    Nice work! and thanks for the contest!

  29. Issander /

    Yay! Thank you!

  30. aremont /

    Way to go nice contest

  31. Great podcast. Keep up the good work!

  32. Very thoughtful of you.

  33. This is my comment

  34. As if the podcast wasn’t cool enough, you give away some TP too! Double the coolness.

  35. Hyperstaz /

    Very generous of you!

  36. Gotta be in it to win it!

  37. Elliot Ervin /

    Sweet thank you!

  38. Free points are always nice

  39. I love listening to you guys! I hope you guys have many more shows!

  40. spiwebb /

    Awesome! Being the 7th son of a poor Dwarf clan armorer, any god-given gold would go a long way. Yet,the Gods are whimsical as to whom they give their benevolence.

  41. Edwin Bruce /

    Sweet..and happy Thanksgiving!

  42. You guys are doing a great job and woohoo points giveaway! 😀

  43. Matías /

    Because I can

  44. Nice giveaway.

  45. Awesome! Keep up the good work guys!

  46. Awesome podcast and giveaway

  47. Windrose of Argonnessen /

    I like the direction you’re taking to bring more attention to your site.

  48. Alvakar /

    TY for the opportunity

  49. Awesome

  50. Right on!

  51. Paula L. Ferry /


  52. Arcadaus /

    Yay for DDOplayers & TP!!!

  53. akweber /

    A kobald walks into a bar and as the bartender for 5 shots the kobald hurrys up and drinks them the bartender then repiles wow ive never seen a kobald drink 5 shots that fast the kobald replies well if you knew what was wrong the you would understand the bartender then say hey bud whats wrong the kobald says I have no platnum

  54. krzyysiek /

    Love it!

  55. nice work DDO players 🙂

  56. Sweet

  57. Catcherist /

    Bravo, way to keep the fun alive. 🙂

  58. great episode with Jer

  59. Michael /

    Nice giveaway, good luck everyone

  60. King Koz /

    Sorry I missed the last podcast. I am sure you continued your standard GREAT podcast.

  61. Giluke @ Cannith /

    Good luck to everyone !

  62. Thanks for running this contest!

  63. Great initiative!!

  64. Would love some points as returning. Love the podcast

  65. Michael Ghost /

    Very cool. Happy Holidays 🙂

  66. Vilminus /

    I give a try 🙂

  67. Shamris /

    Sarlona – Bukfenc lvl26 rouge

  68. Nice, thanks !

  69. I would like to get some points… they wouldn´t hurt at all.

  70. Grandern Marn /

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  71. This is awesome

  72. Scott Lewis /

    You you guys are doing a great job. Reminds me of when I first started playing DDO.

  73. Tigerstrike /

    Tis very kindly of ye indeed good Sirs. A rousing way to garner interest and good will. A pox on any who may try to defame thee!

  74. Entry 48. Thanks!

  75. Palantorio of Notenzauber /

    I can really use this Points;).. btw..nice podcast

  76. rodfilthild /

    yeah great job 😀

  77. thank you

  78. Yay! Hope your holidays are good!

  79. Great podcast!

  80. Logan from Orien /

    I have been wanting to start a Podcast or something, but, gotta get a good schedule for it.

  81. Nice Nice…… it is a nice podcast and giveaway

  82. Lenamen /

    I don’t know how I missed this before but it looks like I have some catching up to do!

  83. Cool 🙂 Keeping my fingers crossed.

  84. Thanks!

  85. Rinnaldo /


  86. Mike Ritter /

    I like points

  87. Tristan /

    Really nice contest and the odd of winning is not that low 🙂

  88. Pakmuele Dor /

    Thanks for the cast and hope I get to win the die cast

  89. I like this contest. +1

  90. Morreghan from Orion /

    Great to see some really cool giveaways before the holidays 🙂

  91. I’m liking the odds here, and free TP are always appreciated

  92. James Ellston /

    Thanks for thinking of us little guys

  93. Just found you guys can’t wait for the next show

  94. kilikopele /

    Cool site. Great contest. Thanks for giving the community a chance at winning! Cheers!

  95. Advanced happy holidays and keep up the good work!

  96. Hey this is a awesome thing your doing! Best of luck to everyone!

  97. Martin Lindgren /

    Good cast and nice giveaway:)

  98. Missed the first few – have to go back to listen. Great job… and thanks!

  99. Darrell /

    Really nice work guys

  100. Alan Bentfield /

    Like the contest 🙂

  101. M Kimble /

    Points would be great!

  102. Joshua Black /

    Awesome! I could use some points 🙂

  103. Would love some points, keep up the good work

  104. Rob Lusteck /

    ooo, snazzy

  105. John Bartoli /

    Enjoying playing the new content on Lammania. Can’t wait to get my character up to lvl 30. The point give away is a great idea.

  106. Poldonus /

    nice contest, ty

  107. Edward /

    Thanks this is a good thing you are doing

  108. Jerry Cox /

    Thank you. Every point helps…

  109. mamiskly /

    i would like to win please


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