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We are joined by DDO Central, We talk about Update 27 and the proposed experience changes. DDO Central talks about the vibrant blogging community and how you can get started. Outside of DDO, We talk about the new Titansgrave episode, And Baldur’s Gate is getting an expansion.



Game News

Update 27: Trials of the Archons Is On Lamannia

Update 27: Trials of the Archons Release Notes

Upcoming Experience Change

Summer phone closures

Q3 2015 DDO Quarterly Wallpapers

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 150

Store Sales

Free Sample Of The Week July 10th – 16th

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20 % OFF

  • Slayer Count Boosts
  • Shared Bank, Platinum Vault, Bag Deposit Box, & Upgrades
  • Jewels of Fortune


Summer Sails Event Specials for: July 10th – 16th


35 % OFF

  • Class: Favored Soul


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  • All Omnispell Dust and Stones


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  • Colossal Ingredients Bag


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  • Greater Tome of Heroic Learning


DDO Players News

DDO Players Poll – What Is Your Favorite Class To Play?


Dougglen Dower

I like splashing a bit o’ Artificer in every build I make, and pure melee Arties are a (lightning) blast!


Geoff Hanna (From DDO Gamer)

I like some better than others but still, no clear favorite. It depends so much on how I kit them out and what play style I develop for the character.


DDO Players Screen Shot Of The Week #24


News Beyond DDO

Titansgrave Episode 5 – Staff of Forlorn Hope

1rst Edition Players Handbook Comes To DnDClassics

Baldur’s Gate Siege of Dragonspear expansion


DDO Central Talks About The DDO Blogging Community


Week in DDO


Drac Week

Warlock Lvl 7 (Reached)  *Hit 200 Favor*

House Deneith *All in Elite*

  • The Depths of Despair
  • The Depths of Darkness
  • The Depths of Discord
  • The Depths of Doom


  • Swiped Signet *On Elite*

Red Fens

  • The Last Stand *On Elite*


Rogue LVL 14

Temple Of Elemental Evil Hard

Finished Part 1 and Part 2

Part 1 No Drops. Part 2 No drops, Got Owned at Boss.


Crystal Cove With Shaba Jade And Mythery Upgraded my Spy Glass to lvl 20

Ranger/Rogue LVL 14 (With Pineleaf)

Gianthold: The Maze of Madness


Was a guest on  DDOCast  #389 With Lessah, Talked about Convention Survival, and Update 27: Trials of the Archons


Pineleaf Week

On Artificer 14 with Drac

  • Gianthold: The Maze of Madness (reached level 14)

Warlock (Video Series)

House Dennith

  • The Depths of Despair
  • The Depths of Darkness
  • The Depths of Discord
  • The Depths of Doom

Monk (PD) – Level 4-5

Sharn Syndicate

  • Come out and Slay

The Steam Tunnels

  • The Sacred Helm
  • The Cloven-jaw Scourge: Blockade (Tried to see if avoiding the four gets an optional)
  • The Cloven-jaw Scourge: Caverns of Shaagh (Reached level 5)
  • Halls of Shan-to-Kor

Favored Soul (PD) – Level 1-3

Korthos Village


  • The Grotto
  • Heyton’s Rest
  • The Cannith Crystal
  • The Storehouse’s Secret
  • The Collaborator

Korthos Island


  • Necromancer’s Doom
  • Stopping the Sahuagin (Hard)
  • Sacrifices
  • Redemption
  • Misery’s Peak (Reached level 3)



  • Bringing the Light


I am testing running the game with floaty names off. This is the first time I had a good look at the icons above the heads of the trainers.

Temple of Elemental Evil Board Game

Siege of Red Larch


DDO Central Week

Crystal Cove

Help Guildes Run Some Low Level Quests



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iTunes Reviews

This week we did not receive any reviews but would love your support!


Featured Comments


Vince Whirlwind Left A Comment On 1st Edition Player’s Handbook Comes To DnDClassics

I have my first edition copy of the Player’s Handbook, but it’s about the 5th printing of it, with the 1983 cover art on it.



Zum Wrote Us An Email This Week

Hi Draculetta & Pineleaf,

I’m wondering which server to choose?

I’ve been playing Lotro for almost 3 years and back before I made my final decision to play Lotro I considered DDO. I chatted with an awesome person at Turbine phone customer support and helped me link DDO to my account I use Lotro with. Now, I know what some are thinking but the man at phone customer support was very helpful and informed me that what I was trying to do could only be accomplished by going through phone support. I have downloaded the game & looked at the server list. While it is a vastly smaller list than Lotro I know this decision needs to be made correctly. Any advice you can give me will be helpful.

FYI–I will not be leaving Lotro just adding to my game experience.




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