DDO Players News Podcast 50th Episode! Coming Soon!


On September 14th, we will have our 50th episode of our podcast.


It’s hard to believe that we made it to 50. If you were not aware, that’s a pretty big milestone for a podcast. Most don’t make it past 20.

We are planning a few special things for this episode!

First we will be having several guests on for the show.

The Damsels Of DDO – Sahba Jade, Lessah, and Mythery and also Community Manager Cordovan


We will also be having some Giveaways for the chat room/live audience. We will also have some giveaways on the site as well for those that can’t make it to live show.

There is something that you can do for us. We want to know if you have any favorite moments from the past 50 shows. If so, please leave a comment to this post, with what it was and the episode from which it was from. That will make it much easier to pull the audio. We are planning on playing them during the show! These moments can be anything, from some of our outtakes, to some crazy thing we talked about or said on the show.

Also, you will want to make sure you here for the very start of the show! We will have a very special interview that trust me, you wont want to miss!!


We want to thank you for all your support over the past 50 episodes.  It has been fun doing this show and site, and we hope that we have brought some enjoyment to you over the past 50!

Here is to 50 more!!!



  1. Congratulations!

  2. can i just say the episode I got to be a guest for?

    nicely done guys, next stop – 400!!

  3. Congratulations! I look forward to hearing it!

  4. Mookie Blaylock /

    Congrats on your 50th!

    I have 2 “Favorite” moment’s..

    #1 – The Magic Marker Bikini Story

    #2 – The Time that Drac talked about his Ravenloft game and how the party climbed down the mountain face instead of going in the castle!

  5. I’m re-listening to everything and making notes, so there will be more, but two of my absolute faves are the Ep. 25 Word from Our Sponsor! Blood Tide Pirate Assassination Hotline!


    Episode 49: 18:41-21:25 Draculetta’s misery that he didn’t wipe the party in his Ravenloft campaign was awesome.

  6. The day you guys claimed me as you stalker!! 🙂


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