Mike Schley’s Forgotten Realms Map From Sword Coast Adventures Guide


Artist Mike Schley’s has put up for the sale the Forgoten Realms map he did for for SCAG. And the thing is HUGE…




This new absolutely massive map of D&D’s Sword Coast and Northwestern Faerûn was commissioned by Wizards of the Coast to accompany their 5th Edition D&D game supplement Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide. lead your adventures through his exhaustive map of The Forgotten Realms’ most Iconic lands and make sure to let it inspire some truly fantastic storytelling.

You can purchase pdf’s for $10.00  Sized at a huge 10200x 6600 pixels, it’s perfect for home printing or screen display. In addition to the poster sized image, the 34 page PDF has an even higher resolution version tiled onto separate pages for ease of use that shows the world of the Forgotten Realms in stunning clarity. It’s the world of 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons like you’ve never seen before.

Or you can purchase Archival artists’ prints (Price varies by size)

  • 8″ x 12″ Standard Print $10.00
    10″ x 15″ Standard Print $22.00
    12″ x 18″ Large Print $34.00
    20″ x 30″ Very Large Print $76.00
    24″ x 36″ Very Large Print $136.00


This would be a AMAZING hanging on my wall.


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