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Reddit, the name alone might strike fear in a lot of people. True there are some dark dark corners of it sure, but there are some bright spots one being the /r/monsteraday/ subreddit

It’s an D&D subreddit that focus on making home brew monsters to move into your 5th edition game.

They have released a PDF of all the monsters so far, it’s designed to make it look like the Monster Manual. With stat blocks and artwork. It’s VERY high quailty and well put together.

MaD - compendium_Page_007 MaD - compendium_Page_020 MaD - compendium_Page_023

MaD - compendium_Page_032

You can download the full 102 page PDF Here

The PDF is updated as they add new monsters as well. (The PDF tends to be a few days behind, but they get added)

As far as fan created projects go, I must say this ranks up there with the best of the best.

MaD - compendium_Page_098MaD - compendium_Page_041


  1. cody tarr /

    The pdf liknk dosnt work. Is there any way i can get this please. Its positively fantastic

    • Thanks, I forgot to edit this post… I’ve updated the URL for the new version

      The first version was removed due to some copyright issues 🙂

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