Curse of Strahd Tarokka Deck

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We told you that, Gale Force Nine will release a licensed Dungeons & Dragons: Curse of Strahd Tarokka Deck game accessory for use with the upcoming D&D storyline in March .

The 54-card Tarokka deck is illustrated by Chuck Lukacs in black and white. The product is designed to feel like a real gypsy Tarot deck, and is produced in playing card-size on textured stock with a matte finish.


The deck can be used by Dungeonmasters to help randomize D&D adventures through Barovia, or used by itself to play the Prophet’s Gambit card game for 3 – 5 players (rules included).


The MSRP is $10.00. Release is planned for March.

Gale Force Nine also plans to produce a deluxe full-size premium version at a later date.


Over on the DndNext SubReddit a user has posted a full gallery of all the cards on Imgur if you would like to see them in a bigger resolution


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