The Lords Of Rock Kickstarter

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Throw up the devil horns and shred on your axe, you about to become a Lord Of Rock!

After ruling the universe for millennia, the gods have found their power diminishing and some have faded away completely. Those remaining are forced into a battle for their very survival: War would only lead to annihilation.

They have agreed that their battle for souls and power must be played out on the cosmic stage…

… and that stage only allows Rock and Roll.




In the game, pick four gods to be your band (vocals, drums, bass, and lead guitar). Then, go take your band to various venues to try and rock people’s souls… literally. The harder you rock, the more soul stones you’ll collect. Play your set list cards to rock even harder while making sure your opponent’s sets are lame. The band with the most soul stones at the end of two tours of the various venues is the winner.



The game plays 2-5 in about 20-30 mins. The Kickstarter is up and running now! So head over to rock!

You have 29 days (As of this posting) to get a piece of the rock.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go play slayer really really loud and annoy the neighbors.


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