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The Goonies Adventure Card Game was a successful Kickstarter campaign, and was Designed by Matt Riddle and Ben Pinchback  and published by Albino Dragon, The Goonies is a set-collection cooperative card game set in the universe of the classic Goonies movie we all know and love.






The Goonies is a cooperative game,  Up to 4 players will take on the roles of the Goonies Gang from the movie, each one having a couple of unique abilities.  The goal of the game is simple  – the Goonies win if they can manage to avoid the booby traps set by One-Eyed Willy, evade the Fratellis, and find the treasure in time to save their homes. You lose if 1 location has 5 obstacles, you have 5 fratelli cards out, or you run out of encounter cards.







Each round, a certain number of obstacles will pile up at some the 5 locations that represent areas from the movies.  The Goonies will move from location to location, using combinations of cards to remove obstacles until there are none left, if they clear them all, they can search the location in hopes of finding a diamond and not a dreaded booby trap!.  You have a 1/3 shot of finding a diamond, but you also must have had spent cards to unlock the location to so, you can store your found diamond.

The thing that makes this game stand out is the way turns are played out, you have 4 team actions per round. Notice I said TEAM actions, you are playing as the Goonies, so there is no turn order, everyone plays up to 4 actions, you will find there is a lot of interaction at your table, as you are figuring out the best moves to make, and who can unlock a location or remove a location. You can combine cards to help, but keep in your mind you get 4 actions a round.  This really set the game apart from other games I have played.

You keep playing it out, till you either win or lose.


The Components


I have no complaints what so ever on the artwork and quality of the pieces. Fans of the movie will love all the locations and the characters, you feel like your in the movie.



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Final Thoughts

Fans of the movie will feel right at home here, the game stand on it’s as well, if you have never seen the movie, you might be confused with some of the jokes and locations, but it’s easy enough to pick up that the theme is not a hindrance to that aspect.

The only minor nitpick I can see with the game is the how there are no turn orders. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that aspect, as it’s like in the movie, you have to stick together and be a team, but I can see this being a problem, if you have some loud players that try to take over or what have you. I would say if you have a friend or a player that you tend to play with that tends to try and take over, you might want to think twice about playing with him or her. I did not have this problem, in my play tests and I was playing with my friend and his 2 sons, we had a blast and worked well as team. I could just see this maybe being a problem, keep that in mind.

The game plays pretty fast 30-45 mins. I have played with 4 players and solo and have yet to win. with 4 players we burned through the encounter deck fast, we had to clear obstacles as they were piling up. And when I played solo it took me to long to build up the hands to remove anything, and I keep pulling fratelli and lost with 5.

I had a blast with 4 and solo, The game play is easy to learn, but your facing the luck of the draw big time, so you will find each game is different.


Kickstarter backers should be getting there copies soon, you can head over to the Albino Dragon website and pre-order a copy of the game, if you did not get a chance to jump on the Kickstarter.


We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU TO Albino Dragon for providing us a copy of the game for this review!



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