DDO Players Reviews Halfsies Dice

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If there is one thing that RPG and Tabletop players love is dice.. we have a bond with your dice. We don’t let other people touch them. We punish then when they roll bad (Ok, maybe that’s just me)

We also like our dice to stand out in the crowd. With Halfsies dice you have that choice to stand out for sure.




I was given 2 of the 16 colors to check and out and review. Yes, you read that correct there are 16 color combinations to pick from!

First up we will take a look at what they call the “Mithril” set




Each set includes a d4, d6, d8, two d10s, a d12, and a d20. They’re beautiful.The colors pop out at you.  One look at them and you can tell why the name “Halfsies” they split the colors down the middle of the dice.

The numbers are easy to see and read, the dice feel well made. They seem to be balanced well as well, I tested the D20 and it gave me a fairly even spread of numbers – 5, 10, 20, 4, 9, 10, 18 So, you can see does not seem to roll either high or low.


The other set I was give are what is the called the “Treani” set




Again, the colors pop on this set as well, the numbers on this were easy to read as well. I did the D20 test – 14, 1, 7, 9, 16, 19, 5, 3, 16 Fairly even spread on that as well.

Here is a shot of both D20’s so you can get a comparison shot with the 2 colors




If your looking for some amazing colored dice and want to stand out at the table, this is your best bet to impress your friends.

Here is a sampling courtesy of the Gate Keeper Games Website of the different colors you can order




“Halfsies” dice can be purchased on Amazon for $11.99 a set


A BIG THANK YOU to Gate Keeper Games for giving us the 2 set’s of dice for this review.

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