DDO Players News Episode 159 – See It, In 3 Years



This week we talk about the patch and hotfix. And we have some news on the Dungeons & Dragons movie.


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Game News

Update 37 Patch 1 Release Notes

Update 37 Hotfix 2 Release Notes

Producers Letter Coming Next Year

DDO Players Interview With Voice Actor Ally Murphy

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 264

Store Sales

20% off:

  • Astral Shards
  • Guild Renown Elixirs

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  • Guild Charters
  • Guild Airship Beacons

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From The Dungeon

Gen Con Announce Changes To Badges For 2018

Dungeons & Dragons Movie Release Date, And New Studio Announced


On The Table Top

Warhammer 40,000 Invades WizKids’ Dicemasters


On The Screen

The Steam Winter Sale Is Live


Week in Gaming

Drac Week

Warlock Lvl 13

Mists of Ravenloft

The Vampire Hunters

  • Oath of Vengeance
  • A Raven at the Door
  • A Mad Tea Party
  • Sealed in Amber

The Light of the Land

  • The Final Vintage
  • Wrath of the Earth
  • Ravens’ Bane
  • Sunrise


Ranger Lvl 13 With Pineleaf

Mists Of Ravenloft

  • An Invitation to Dinner (Managed to finish it despite a little misstep)
  • Oath of Vengeance


Video Games

Survive The Nights Alpha Early Access For Review (After it’s released)


Pineleaf Week

Human Druid 10 (with Drac)

Mists of Ravenloft

  • An Invitation to Dinner (Managed to finish it despite a little misstep)
  • Oath of Vengeance

Halfling Paladin 10 (Youtube Series)

Mists of Ravenloft

  • An Invitation to Dinner



  • Found a skeleton spawner and turned into an XP farm.
  • Created a double cave spider farm.
  • Completed Dungeon Level 1 of the Temple and recorded a two-part tour.


Tabletop Games

  • One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows – Warden vs TheMudlands



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Featured Comments

From Mok Taskmaster On Gen Con Announcement

I’m all about simplifying things, if they’re complicated – BUT, this doesn’t seem more complicated than it used to be, except for the Sunday Family badges. They fail to mention that this ‘simplification’ is now more expensive. More expensive is fine, but to camouflage it in saying they did it for simplicity sake is sounds dishonest.

Raising the prices of the 4-day badge by $20, is significant. Cutting off ‘on-site’ and after pre-registration badge sales is not going to do anything – remember Gencon 2017 (Gencon 50) sold out long before the show started. So, not having sales AFTER the pre-registration window does almost nothing.

Gencon 50 had approximately 60,000 unique visitors, lets do some fun math. Lets just say a third of those were 4-day badges. 20,000 4-day badges sold. This year, increasing the price $20 is a pretty big increase in revenue for Gencon LLC – $400,000. Granted yes, I’m absolutely POSITIVE that Indy is charging them more, and probably a LOT more based on their sell-out numbers last year.

I don’t mind paying the extra $20 per badge at all, prices often go up (which means an extra $60 since I buy 3 badges for me and my two sons). The previous Gencon 50, and the Gencon 2016 badge prices were the same. What I am perturbed about, is that they’re trying to use their marketing speak in hiding the fact that they’re increasing costs in such a way. They absolutely know we’re gamers by nature and can, and do, sniff this kind of BS out easily.

All that said. Can’t wait until August! 🙂

Oh, and I’ll probably have to purchase badges earlier than ever this year, if the sell-out last year is indication.

**** Last Year’s “Complicated” Pricing:

Badge Type Pre-Registration Price Standard Price

  • 4-Day (Sold Out) $90 $120
  • Thursday (Sold Out) $55 $75
  • Friday (Sold Out) $55 $75
  • Saturday (Sold Out) $55 $75



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