Dracula’s America: Shadows of the West: Hunting Grounds Review

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The first supplement in the Dracula’s America series, Hunting Grounds expands upon the Weird West background found in the core rule-book, adding two new Factions, additional character types, new weapons, optional rules and a whole new aspect of the alternate American West.



The new stuff you will find in the supplement :

– Two New Factions: The Forsaken, ragged survivors of the 7th Cavalry tormented by a bestial curse, and the Shadow Dragon Tong, crime lords with an agenda as mysterious as the powers wielded by their enforcers.

– The Hunting Grounds: Scenarios and encounters that focus on this mythical realm and the power and threats found within it.

– Territory: Build and develop your headquarters, and exploit the benefits it offers, but beware your enemies taking the fight to your home turf.

– Outlaws, Mercenaries, and Bounty Hunters: New campaign options, allowing you to turn to a life of crime, bring in wanted fugitives, or sell your gun to the highest bidder.

– New Monsters: The denizens of the Hunting Grounds, in all their terrifying glory.

– New Hired Guns: They’re all kinds of folk willing to sell their skills, and these new Hired Guns offer a variety of tactical options… if you can afford them.

– New Gear: Bring a Gatling Gun to a knife fight, or find out why you were always warned about misusing brimstone chalk and vials of ectoplasm.

– New Skills: Riding and Leadership skills give you new combat options and help your posse stay in the fight.

As a refresher on Dracula’s America, it is a skirmish game set in the old west, or it could be of Gothic horror set in an alternate Old West. The choice is up to you.

Dracula’s America is a ‘modular’ rules-set, you can either play it as a traditional Old West skirmish game or introduce the weirder elements such as Dracula and all his supernatural creatures and Arcane Powers.

Fairly small for most skirmish games taking up either  2’x2′ and 4’x4′, and caters for 2-8 players; The game is played in an 8-Turn game, with most games lasting around 45 minutes to an hour or so.

A standard deck of playing cards is used for Activation, with Aces high and black cards taking precedence over red. The game uses three different types of dice, six-, eight- and ten-sided.



Hunting Grounds, adds a lot to already great game, the inclusion of the melee weapons are a welcome choice, want to use a Gatling Gun? Sure go ahead, and God help your opponent if you do!



The best new thing that was added I  feel is the Hunting Grounds itself, and all the spooky and deadly things that will take place within the realm.


Final Thoughts

The rules are concise and easy to read, the artwork is top notch and draws you in, The text is in a font that is easy on the eyes as well. The new posse addition adds some depth to the play of the game, and the skinwalker is very tempting to try out. The new scenarios and campaign narrative is another welcome addition and brings a lot to the game, some of the services look like they will be fun to play through, this is a great first add-on for an already fun skirmish miniatures game.


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