Dracula’s America Shadows Of The West Miniatures Review

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North Star Military figures have made the miniatures for Osprey’s Dracula’s America Shadow Of The West.



I did a full review of Dracula’s America HERE. Now I’m going to take a look at some of the figures that you will be using to make your way through the hunted supernatural old west.

North Star was kind of enough to send over 3 sets of figures for me to review.


First up we have Set  DRAC103 – Ragged Diehards

The ragged members of the Dark Confederacy posse. 28mm sized metal figures, supplied unpainted


As you see this is a set of 3 figures, they are very well detailed and nice and heavy. Dull gray color just waiting for a paint job. I so wish I could paint! They stand well and I think they will hold up to use, the powder coating they have on them, seems very well put on, and I don’t think it will come off.  This is a nice set of your confederate soldiers, 3 different poses so you can add some variety to your posse.

Next Set is  DRAC104 – Red Hand Coven

Two Broodkins and a Broodsire from Dracula’s vampiric Red Hand Coven posse. 28mm sized metal figures, supplied unpainted. Designed by Mark Copplestone.


As you see, another set of 3 figures, in the same gray color. Again, sure wish I knew how to paint! as this set features my favorite the vampire, the detail on these are amazing as well, even unpainted, you can really see the fangs on the Broodsire vampire.

The final set is DRAC113 – Congregation Arcanists

The Bokor, the Mambo, and the Houngan. Each one can be an arcanist for the Congregation posse. 28mm sized metal figures, supplied unpainted. Designed by Mark Copplestone.



Another set of 3, with amazing detail, you can make out the bones in the skulls they carry, the same gray color just begging for a paint job.


Final Thoughts

Each set of 3 on the North Star is listed at £7.50 (Pounds) which (as of this posting) converts to $10.19. Which for the quality of the miniatures I think it’s a good deal, this is well made, they are nice and heavy, stand up on their own, even with a few bumps of my table, they were still standing, I really had to bump it hard to get them to topple over.

These are well made and the detials on the the sculpts are amazing. They took there time with these, and that shows. As I said above you paint these, and put them on table with landscape and buildings and you will have a wonderful time in the supernatural old west!

I think if you splurge and get a nice collection of these, enough to make a few posses, you would bring a lot to your Dracula’s America Shadows Of The West game, and if you take the time and have the talent to paint this, it would make them even better.


To see the full line of North Star Dracula’s America Miniatures, head over to the web store page HERE


North Star Military figures provided the sets for this review, this is no way had any outcome on the review in any way.




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