1550 Turbine Point Code Giveaway (Entries Closed)


DDO Players is giving away a 1550 Turbine Point code thanks to supporters on Patreon.

Entries will close on December 26th.

How to Enter

To enter the giveaway please leave a comment below.  Duplicate comments from the same user will be only counted once.  Each comment will be assigned a number in order.  The winner will be selected with a random number generator.  The winner will be contacted through the email attached to the comment.

Please make sure you have a valid email that you check regularly attached to the account you are commenting with.  We will send an email to the winner.  The winner will have a week to respond.  Once they respond we will send them the code and the contest will end.  If the winner does not respond within a week, we will choose and contact a new winner who will also have a week to respond.  This will continue to repeat until we find a winner.

All DDO Players past or current staff and immediate family are not be eligible for this contest.

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  1. Coolness.

    Thanks for running this! 🙂

  2. Kris Browne /

    Comment… I would love to get some module packs and vary my leveling.

  3. Great giveaway!
    I wish a little TPs 🙂

  4. Maurilio /

    Here! /o/

  5. Awesome! Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Ryan Matthews /

    Pick me! Pick me!

  7. Cool, nice giveaway 🙂

  8. Woohoo~*…Awesome possum!

  9. First?

  10. benjamin aka silvarean /

    Not sure if its a good idea to be the first comment… Random Generators dont get a #1 very often but hey, here it is: the 1st comment 😀

  11. What should a comment ? That after playing for 7 years DDO still is a Graet Game 😀

  12. Zero Takenaka /

    Whoo! DDO Rocks… not a fan of the champions though.

  13. Sweet!

  14. Timothy Cochran /

    Happy holidays!

  15. Chris Parkinson /

    Yes, I would like the Turbine points.

  16. Nice giveaway!

  17. Joe Fasching /

    Love DDO

  18. Wynnhelm /

    Turbine Points 😀

  19. Would let me get something shiney for chistmas.

  20. Aziz R. Khan /

    Thanks for doing this

  21. Great work, guys, I think giveaways like this are da bomb!

  22. Well, I hope I won’t be the only one here. Cheers DDO, love the update ^^

  23. Thanks DDO Players, thanks Patreon!

  24. Good Luck!

  25. Good one. Thx

  26. Cool, possibility of free stuff! Wooo! :P! :)! :D! Lolz!

  27. Thanks! Good luck to everyone.

  28. Trying the luck as well, thanks 🙂

  29. GumpsGang /

    Come on RNG … no Drac juju };)

  30. John Peterson /

    Very cool! Thanks and good luck!

  31. You guys are too awesome!!!

  32. Sir_chonas /

    Make it rain!

  33. Matthew Fennell /

    Hi guys! Merry Christmas!

  34. Awesome giveaway!

  35. To wash out the bad taste of U24!

  36. Matías /

    Thx guys this would be good Christmas present for my nephew

  37. Torqued /

    Thanks for this giveaway. Good luck to all who enter.

  38. Excellent idea!

  39. Heyo! Free points please. Just 1 or 4 packs left to get.

  40. FuzzyDuck81 /

    Yay thanks patreon dudes

  41. Good luck all

  42. Orien represent ! woooooo~!

  43. So kool 🙂

  44. Points… points… points… points…
    Points.. points.. points.. points..
    Points. points. points. points.

  45. Cool idea!

  46. Oooo I hope I Win! I could really use some help towards epic destinies!

  47. “ALLRIghty THEN” … send the code hahaha..I need some points

  48. Meee meee 😛

  49. Very nice, could really use this! 😉

  50. DDO Turbine points would be cool 🙂

  51. Michael Lokken /

    Fellow Guildie who does so much for the guild could really use this. thanks and Happy Festivult.

  52. Whatelsse /

    Great initiative !

  53. I actually want to get my girlfriend some adventure packs so we can adventure more. :3

  54. Radha2g /

    Nice. I havent got any Free TP in several months 🙂

  55. Wow, great giveaway!

  56. Kablamicus /

    Great Podcast and great contests!! Happy Holidays DDO Players.

  57. Hey, Random Number Generator, have you been working out? You’re lookin’ pretty spiffy today!

  58. Yes please! 🙂

  59. Good luck everyone

  60. Barbarain say : Me still hurt HJEAL MEH!!!!!!

  61. chris johnson /

    all your points are belong to me

  62. Buddha5440 /

    Great Holiday idea. Thanks

  63. Woo! 🙂 I never win giveaways lol

  64. Huzzah

  65. caellwin /

    excellent Christmas gift

  66. Skunk_City /

    Hotshot Zulu Milkshake

  67. A great reward for those dedicated players and new players alike!

  68. Cool ! Thanks for the giveaway !

  69. Vartiovuori /

    Ooh, nice!

  70. Would be awesome as a strictly f2p player to get this.

  71. Nephali /

    I don’t want any TP, don’t give me any, pls don’t do it…. reverse psychology ;-p

  72. Super good

  73. thakorian /


  74. Kalle Koivula /

    Can I haz Turbine Points

  75. Something for my son

  76. 1550 points! Nice!

  77. Chris Denton /

    Love your site guys! Keep up the good work

  78. Michael Ghost /

    Happy Holidays

  79. Hairy Harry House /

    Krampus begone!!!
    No coal for me… 😉

  80. DDODude /

    Count me in!!!

  81. Daniel Stradeski /

    nice giveaway for Christmas

  82. Piotr K. /

    Merry Christmas! The contest sounds great, would be great Christmas gift for f2p player 🙂

  83. carpengui /

    All gifts are gratefully accepted. Thank you kindly.

  84. Happy Holidays!

  85. pollyzoid /

    Just starting DDO with a couple friends, some startup funds would be awesome! Thanks for being so generous

  86. I’m a Druid for Christmas, transformed into a bear in boots and hat giving away mistletoes over the rising zombies and skellies and make them kiss a happy a holiday.

  87. Zirxion /

    /roll d100
    Zirxion rolls a 1 (d100)

  88. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  89. Darrell /

    Merry Christmas ddo

  90. Thought I’d already commented on this – glad I checked!

    Great giveaway guys 😀

  91. I’ll give a try, merry christmas

  92. I’m curious to hear what you guys think about Champions. You didn’t record the week it all blew up.

  93. Merry Christmas DDO, and DDOPlayers!

  94. Caelvan /

    A safe and Merry Christmas to all!

  95. Oh great!! wish i could win! 😛 Happy Holidays!

  96. me me me please!

  97. Bob Melgeorge /

    May the Stormreaver bring you everything you ask for this season!

  98. cool giveaway! all da cupcakes for u!

  99. brandon long /

    Merry christmas

  100. Happy Festivus to All, and to All a good night!

  101. nice 🙂

  102. Mmmm tps :3

  103. Entries are now closed. A winner will be found and emailed soon.

  104. An anxious participant /

    So… who won? 🙂

    • Assuming they respond within a week of me sending the email, letour did. Still waiting on them to reply back though.

  105. so there was only 1 winner which is letour right?

  106. Nice giveaway Good luck to everyone !!!!!

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