Taking a look at Update 25 Reign Of Elemental Evil Loot


We got a look at all the “Named Loot” that is available in the Temple Of Elemental Evil.


I must say there are so many Shinies! I’m drooling over the dagger and longbow for sure.

I really like the fact, they listed everything with stats as well. I don’t recall them ever doing this like this before.

Here is a quick peek at a few them, be sure to head over and look at all the Shinies! that might drop in chests for you! My the loot gods be with you!

Assassin’s Kiss – Dagger

AssassinsKissHeroic AssassinsKissLook


Leopard’s Chill – Scimitar

LeopardsChillHeroic LeopardsChillLook


Mushroom Cap – Head

MushroomCapHeroic MushroomCapLook


Sapphire Sting – Longbow

SapphireStingHeroic SapphireStingLook




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  1. That quarterstaff looks extremely nice for a Thief Acrobat!!

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