Update 29: The Codex War Livestream Preview


Cordovan is joined by Devs Vargouille, Nohbob, NoWorries, Knockback, Steelstar,  for a preview Update 29: The Codex War. They also take some questions from the Twitch viewers as they were live streaming..


*In Cordovan’s Own Words “This is Spoiler Level Medium”



Some notes from the stream

1:37 Knockback talks about the storyline for this pack

2:17  We see a BRAND NEW QUEST – “To Curse The Sky” – Take back a castle (Cordovan called it a “Castle Siege” We also see a new Blue Slaad

6:21 Very excited to see the Boss.. Happy to see this character back (Trying to be spoiler free, for those that do not watch) My Favorite Boss in DDO

8:01 Another new dungeon “Creeping Death” (Was designed by Nohbod) *And they keep with the “Metal” naming theme!*

11:10 Legendary Hound And Tempest talk

12:28 Loot For Legendary Raids talk

13:05 Legendary Shroud (Designed By Knockback)

14:05 Legendary Shroud BIG Spoiler for Part 5..

16:05 Raid Runes talk. New system to replace the 20th complation right now ONLY in new raids

20:32 Legendary Green Steele

29:20 Level 30 talk

34:03 Random Loot talk (Designed by NoWorries)

38:15 Cannith Crafting update NOT included in U29 at first, will be included “Very Soon”









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