Hero Lab Debuts D&D 5E SRD

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The wait is over! The #1 character management tool for RPGs now supports D&D® 5th Edition. Whether you’re a DM or player, it’s time to take your game to the next level!

We did a pre release review of Hero Lab. But now you can check it out for yourself, as Lone Wolf Development sent along word that Hero Lab With 5E SRD Is now available to public!


“Hero Lab is already the go-to character management tool for many RPGs, and the D&D 5th Edition SRD will be no different,” said President Rob Bowes. “Gamers can quickly create characters and even add their own material. Even better, DMs can build monsters, create NPCs, weave them into an encounter, and manage the combat – all in one convenient place. This level of support is unparalleled, and we’re thrilled to bring it to D&D.”


Hero Lab includes everything in the official SRD, such as races and their traits, character classes and class features, spells, equipment, magic items, and other character creation necessities. This initial release offers character creation support, and DM-specific tools, including all monsters and mechanics, will be incorporated throughout the month of February.

Hero Lab support for D&D 5th Edition SRD is available on Windows, Mac, and iPad. Current Hero Lab users can add it to their existing license for $20, while new users can purchase it for only $29.99. This price includes all the DM tools and access to community-created content.


To find out more about D&D 5th Edition SRD support in Hero Lab, visit GetHeroLab.com.

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