DDO Players News Episode 97 – We Have A Gen Con 2017 Countdown?

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We talk about U32 On Lamannia, and of course the latest Tabletop news


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Show Notes


Game News

Update 32 on Lamannia: Cannith Crafting Preview

Lamannia Release Notes (Last Updated 8-11-16)

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 201


Store Sales

Free Sample Of The Week August 12th – 18th

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  • Select Adventure Packs
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DDO Players News

DDO Players Screen Shot Of The Week #54

DDO Players – Battle Monkeys Review

DDO Players – Beneath Nexus Review/Preview

DDO Players – Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Horror Adventures Review

DDO Players – Mystic Vale Review

DDO Players Gen Con 2016 Grant Wilson Rather Dashing Games Interview

DDO Players Gen Con 2016 Mage Company LTD Interview


From The Dungeon

Force Grey: Giant Hunters Episode 5 Awakening Calliope the Bard

Gen Con 2016 Shows Increased Attendance

Dungeons & Dragons 5E proves to be a sales monster



On The Table Top

Ghosts Love Candy Coming From Steve Jackson Games

Ultimate Werewolf Legacy Coming From Bezier Games

Sola Fide: The Reformation Coming From Stronghold Games

Sharknado: The Board Game Kickstarter Is Live


Week in Gaming

Drac Week


Rogue Lvl 9 (With Pineleaf)

Tangleroot Gorge

  • First Strike (Elite)
  • The Hobgoblins’ Captives
  • Yarkuch’s War-plans
  • Whisperdoom’s Spawn
  • The Deadly Package: The Stronghold Key
  • The Deadly Package: Agent of the Darguul


Board Games

  • Battle Monkeys
  • Mystic Vale
  • Beneath Nexus
  • Goonies Adventure Card Game


Tunnels And Trolls

  • Dragon’s Dungeon
  • Deathtrap Equalizer Dungeon
  • Naked Doom
  • The Toughest Dungeon In the World
  • Grimtina’s Guard

The GROGNARD Files – Tunnels & Trolls Podcast  (Drac talked about this podcast)

Dungeons & Dragons 5E

  • DM prep work for DDAL4-01 Suits of the Mist


Pineleaf Week

Gnome warlock Level 9 (with Drac)

Tangleroot Gorge

  • First Strike (Elite)
  • The Hobgoblins’ Captives
  • Yarkuch’s War-plans
  • Whisperdoom’s Spawn
  • Reached level 10
  • The Deadly Package: The Stronghold Key
  • The Deadly Package: Agent of the Darguul


Warforged Warlock Level 7

Temple of Elemental Evil, Part 1

  • Again, the warforged is having a tougher time than other characters. Died in boss fight.



  • Played my sorcerer with Branick and Teriadwyn.
  • The only quest I recall involved a woman who was ensnared by a Trojan Mirror.



  • Built a cave spider farm.
  • Got killed while trying to clear the area but I had spent all xp just before that happened.
  • A group of villagers have migrated all the way from their home to my base.



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Featured Comments

Eric (Developer From) Devious Devices Left a comment on Sharknado: The Board Game

Thanks for sharing! We already had a fantastic reception at Gen Con and are looking forward to working with the community to shape the game to their standards.



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