Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation Video Game Coming This Fall



So as I was watching the Oakland Raiders football game last night, I got a notification on my iPad about a new issue of Dragon + was ready to download. So I promptly downloaded it and started to read it, to my surprise I found an article that announced a new Dungeons & Dragons Video Game.



Developer BKOM Studios are bringing the Tomb Of Annihilation Board Game, into the video game world, with Tales From The Candlekeep.


Not a lot is known about the game other than what was in the Dragon + article.


“It is similar but it is not exactly the same game, Tomb of Annihilation is the fifth iteration of the Adventure System but this is the first digital version” Producer Paul Gadbois


“The gameplay rules and all the mechanics have been evolving through the years, so we had a lot of content to work with.”  Game designer Olivier Latouche



“Although we adapted the main mechanics, we tweaked things to take advantage of the digital medium, “For example, we wanted the digital version to have a faster pace than the board game, so we chose to automate some actions, like dice throws and card shuffling. The game feels faster because players don’t need to manage as many components as they do in the tabletop board game, and they can focus on their strategy rather than keeping track of everything.”


The game as it stands right now is a solo player only

“It is a single-player game at the moment, although you do have control of four or five characters. So you follow the format where one hero plays first and events happen, then the next hero plays—the same as you would in the tabletop version, but as a single-player experience. Game designer Olivier Latouche



  • Unique Quests: The procedural map generation allows every quest to remain unique even when replaying them multiple times.
  • Over 40 Quests: The game features a mix of Main Story quests and Side quests.
  • A board game experience brought to life: The game highlights most of the features from the popular board game, combined with features unique to the digital version.
  • Craft your way to Victory: Collect rare crafting materials. Craft powerful weapons and armors to strengthen your heroes.


Color me excited for this, I am looking forward to the tabletop board game so this is just is icing on that cake as they say.


You can find more information about the game in the new issue of Dragon +



The steam page lists the game releasing “Fall 2017”

More information as we get it!

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