Doctor Who Fluxx Review



Flux is getting all wibbly wobbly, timey wimey with Doctor Who Fluxx!



Set up:

Place basic rules card in the center of the table. Shuffle the deck and deal three cards to each player. Place the remainder of the deck face down next to the basic rules card to form the draw pile.

Game rules:

The basic rules of Fluxx are simple, draw 1 then play one. Then the game starts changing from what is played. New rule cards will change up the basic rules. When you play a keeper, it will be placed in front of you, creeper cards may come into play could possibly prevent you winning. Goal cards show specific keepers that you need to win but may often change as the game goes on. Action cards are used once and discarded. Actions can sometimes cause major chaos, and other times have no real effect at all.



Game Play


On a player’s turn they will take the following actions:

  1. Draw the required number of cards. At the beginning of the game, players will draw one card.
  2. Play the required number of cards. At the beginning of the game players will play one card.
  3. Discard cards to get to the required hand limit. The game begins with no hand limit.
  4. Discard keepers to get to the required keeper limit. The game begins with no keeper limit.

Throughout the game, players will play new rule cards which could change the rules that players have to follow.


What Doctor Who Fluxx Brings To The Table


The Doctor (and his companions) will, of course, be your keeper cards, And of course, it would not be fluxx, without some creeper cards, and the villains of the whoverse make up these, The Master, the Daleks, and the Weeping Angels. This sticks the theme well and runs with it as every Goal card represents either a relationship from the show or a clever reference to a quote, running gag, or key moment from the 50-year history of the TV show.



Final Thoughts


Fans of Fluxx will feel right at home here, the rules are pretty much the same, they change or as the doctor would say they get all “wibbly wobbly, timey wimey” that’s the draw of Fluxx, it’s ever changing rules always make for a different game experience.


Doctor Who Fluxx is very thematic, with the keepers, creepers and special cards all from the Whoverse, so fans of Doctor Who will be in the 7th heaven here. Even if you don’t like Doctor Who, and you’re a fan of Fluxx, you will love this. This is one of those great beer and pretzels types of games, break it out to get a good start on your game night, just don’t blink!


Doctor Who Fluxx can be purchased directly from Looney Labs or via Amazon








Looney Labs, provided our copy of Doctor Who Fluxx for this review, this is no way had any outcome on the review and my opinions of the game.


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