Update 23 Release Notes


The Official Update 23 Release Notes have been posted!


Here is a brief overview :

Epic Orchard of the Macabre
The Orchard of the Macabre now supports Epic levels! Includes Epic versions of Ghosts of Perdition, Desecrated Temple of Vol, Inferno of the Damned, and Fleshmaker’s Laboratory, in addition to a new raid!
Armor Up
Update 23 brings a series of changes aimed at improving the ability of melee-focused characters to face some of DDO’s toughest challenges, and bring increased balance between melee, ranged, and spell-casting characters. These changes include the introduction of Melee Power, Ranged Power, Magical Resist Rating, and adjustments to Physical Resist Rating, among other things. The full list of changes is available below.
Mirror of Glamering
The Mirror of Glamering is a new item which allows someone to copy the look of an armor, goggles, or helmet and create a new cosmetic item! Like the way a particular armor or helmet looks? Make a cosmetic version of it! The item from which the cosmetic copy is being made from is not consumed, nor altered. The created cosmetic item is Bound to Account. Items which have special racial requirements will create a cosmetic item with the same racial requirements. Items that appear and remain in the quest upon exit cannot be Glamered. The Mirror of Glamering can be purchased in the DDO Store, and can also rarely appear in Daily Dice. (NOTE: The Mirror of Glamering is not currently working on docents, although we expect this issue to be corrected in the next game update.)
Airships and Guilds
  • A new amenity is available called Guild Storage! The amenity is available in several tiers, and offers a general chest in addition to a chest that can only be used by guild officers and leaders.


A new enhancement tree is now available to all classes! The Harper tree is free to VIPs, and is also available for purchase in the DDO Store.


  • Right-clicking on your hireling’s command bar portrait now brings up a menu allowing you to set various options, including the ability to toggle various actions.
  • Stand Your Ground will now make a hireling only perform ranged attacks (if the hireling has a ranged attack.)
  • Hirelings will now follow their masters better after combat ends.
  • Hirelings (and class pets) stand still for a few seconds if their master gets hit by a trap and is not in combat, so they no longer follow their master into the trap.
  • Hirelings and pets will attempt to use nearby rest shrines if not in combat, not passive, and low on either health of spell points.
  • Hireling abilities can also be disabled by right-clicking on them and then clicking “disable”.
  • There is a new hotbar key to have all of your summoned hirelings interact with the target.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • The XP Bonus for disarming traps has been increased to 10/20/30%.
  • Any character level 20 or above can now receive any level 20 or above quest, and enter any dungeon with a base CR of 20 or higher. This removes previous conditions that could prevent a lower-level Epic-level character from entering a much higher-level Epic dungeon, for example.
  • The DDO game launcher now has the option to “preload” the client_gamelogic.dat files, which can speed up initial game load and resolve an issue that could cause players to face an initial dis-connection to the game world upon first log in. Players currently utilizing third-party tools should no longer need to use them. This functionality is enabled by default if you have more than 2 Gigabytes of memory on your computer, and can be disabled in the game launcher options (under the heading Pre-cache gamelogic.)

As stated this is just a brief overview of the patch notes, they are pretty in depth, head over here to read them all for your self..


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