DDO Players News Episode 1: Roll for Initiative


DDO Players News Episode 1: Roll for Initiative- This week we introduce ourselves and talk about update 23 Mark Of Death News!

Game News

Update 23 Release Notes

Update 23 The Mark Of Death Preview With Dev’s

Massively Rates DDO As a MMORPG to come back to

Battle Bards Episode 35 – Dungeons And Dragons Online


Store Sales

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New to the DDO Store with Update 23: The Mark of Death

DDO Players News

Arcane Adventures with Dorfben Fizzlebeard Prologue by Tapkoh

Arcane Adventures with Dorfben Fizzlebeard: Chapter 1 by Tapkoh

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News Beyond DDO

5E Dungeon Master’s Guide Delayed

Monster Manual 5E Release on September 30

Week in DDO

Drac’s Week

Ranger/Rogue Lvl 7

  • Delera Tomb’s Part 2 The Missing Party (Pineleaf got me stuck)

Rogue Lvl 9

  • Slayer Searing Heights 644/750
  • Rare Encounters 8/9
  • Explorer 12/15
  • Bargain Of Blood Quest/Dungeon

Druid/Rogue Lvl 5

  • Harbor
  • The Sharn Syndicate
  • Irestone Inlet
  • Walk The Butcher’s Path
  • Recovering the Lost Tome

Fighter LVL 2

  • Korthos Island

Pineleaf’s Week

Wizard 7

  • Delera Tomb’s Part 2 The Missing Party

Artificer 2

  • Stopping the Sahuagin

Artificer 7

  • Just leveled

Rogue 1 / Artificer 2

  • The Butcher’s Path with Andang and Drac

Andang’s Week

Created a Paladin a few weeks ago

  • Been playing solo and with Drac and Pine
  • Reached Level 3
  • Really enjoy the game so far


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  1. Barnabras /

    Good luck on the new podcast!

  2. Barnabras /

    Don’t forget about Pool of Radiance Drac. I still have all of the first addition stuff, but haven’t touched it in 30 years. Ouch that hurts

    • Draculetta /

      Ah Yes Pool! and now I want to break out my Commodore 64 and replay all those.. Good time.. good times…

  3. hey I recognize you guys from LOTRO.. good to see you over here in DDO. Nice podcast. What server are you on?

  4. Draculetta /

    Greetings! Glad your enjoyed the podcast.. We are just getting started!

    We play on Cannith

  5. Barnabras /

    I need DDO for Dummies. I have been playing some for the past week, and oh so many questions. How does the social panel work, it is very odd. Last time I was involved with D&D was the first edition version. If you are a split class, does your experience divide between the 2 or more classes? The game reminds me of a mix between Lotro and Diablo. Is it possible to earn TP?

    • Tapkoh /

      I know you can earn TP, but I don’t know how. Noob here myself.

      As far as classes go, it’s like later editions. The xp required to reach the next level is whatever it is and you simply pick which class you want to level up in. It’s a subtle distinction, but instead of being a level 3 fighter / level 2 wizard like you would be back in the day, you are a level 5 character with a 3/2 split between fighter and wizard. Unlike other games, there is no multiclass xp penalty.

  6. SloiwDM /

    Earning TP. If you make a character on every server Then you get a 1st time bonus. Go and earn 100 favour on every srever (http://ddowiki.com/page/Turbine_Point) read near bottom of page for details
    ., http://www.ddowiki.com is a great website for everyone who plays ddo

  7. Draculetta /

    Sounds like I should do a new player guide 🙂

    But to answer your questions.

    What about the social panel is confusing you??

    Yes if you Multiclass you will “Share” your level. Example. You will split your levels a Level 4 ranger with 2 levels of rogue would equal an lvl6

    there is no experience point penalty for multiclassing, but you are limited to a maximum of 3 classes.

    TP is earned a bit different than LOTRO, you earn it Per Character and Per Server

    Per Character:
    25TPs for every 100Favor earned

    Per Server: Earned the first time you meet the favor
    5Favor … +50TPs
    25Favor … +25TPs
    50Favor … +25TPs
    500Favor … +50TPs
    1000Favor … +100TPs
    2000Favor … +100TPs
    3000Favor … +100TPs

  8. Hey guys, This new Podcast may re-imbue me with the DDO itch. I got a cleric ALMOST to Lvl-4 on Khyber but felt like I still had no idea what I should be doing, what to do with the stuff in my bags, how to group effectively, etc.. Tempted to transfer servers to Cannith so I can access you as mentors! What time of week do you normally get together to play?

    – Braag

    • Draculetta /

      Pineleaf and I play on Wednesday night doing our static runs.. But I play at many different times…

      If there would be enough interest I was thinking of maybe starting a Static group for all of us DDO Players… still mulling that over…

  9. New DDO Podcast! Yay! I’m so glad you are doing this! It means good things for the culture climate of the game. You guys have great chemistry! Looking forward to more! I don’t totally agree about the hirelings. If they see a perceived threat to you they will take off after it. Not cool when you are trying to draw as little aggro as possible, but there were good hireling changed too! Great show! Keep it up!

    • Draculetta /

      Thank you so much Lessah!!! it means a lot coming from you! I’ve enjoyed your segments on the DDO Cast back in the day and of course the Cocktail Hour!

      And I agree, the hirelings are blessing and a curse.. they do tend to want to Leeroy Jenkins.. Which is bad.. when I’m in “rogue” mode 🙂 and want to stabby stabby

  10. I am on my way! Only slightly terrified 🙂


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