Arcane Adventures with Dorfben Fizzlebeard: Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Dorfben’s Island Tours

Intro: I don’t know much about DDO, but have general D&D knowledge. Despite that, I have never played a caster before. Join me as I explore both DDO and the arcane while telling bad jokes.


Apparently, the Devourer is a stick.

Apparently, the Devourer is a stick.

Confession time.  I lapsed in my taking of screenshots during the latter part of Korthos Island, so I recently went back and redid some quests just so I could provide context-appropriate images for your viewing pleasure.  To be different, and to try it out of course, I did the instances on hard mode.  It got very touch and go at points.  Hypocrisy lost a whole 2 HP in one of them!  The horror!  I’m not sure if they are still supposed to be easy or if I have ascended into Dwarven spell-slinging godhood.  It’s probably the former, but I’m going to assume the latter.  My ego is not out of control enough for my liking yet.

I had three quests left to go: find Lars and save 2 different sets of prisoners.  Lars has a full name, so he was obviously the more important main quest NPC I had to find and as I established earlier, I go after side quests first.  Before side quests though is exploring.  Putting a fog of war on a map for me to remove is almost as tempting as presenting me with character creation.  With the quest right by the village entrance done and no other quest objectives close by, it was time to go defogging and I didn’t even need a hidden, technical machine to do so!

I've seen this movie. Pull me up, pull me up!

I’ve seen this movie. Pull me up, pull me up!

Along the way, I found most of the exploration points for that achievement and the different entrances for these quests.  More importantly, I found a fellow dwarf out in the wilderness.  I now have someone worth saving on this island, besides myself of course.  The closest entrance to wherever I ended my defogging at was for the main quest, which I didn’t realize until I went in.  Oh well.  He too had some magic door spells, but instead of a key, I just had to wreck some of those crystals that the people in town wanted me to protect earlier.  What could possibly go wrong with that plan?

Lars was none too happy with me and I thought I was going to have a wizard duel on my hands, but he freaked out about fish people.  I would think putting a pool in the middle of your room is a bad idea when you’re afraid of fish people, but what do I know? Luckily for him, I brought fire and Hypocrisy.  I always get a bit nervous when NPCs are around because I don’t like having to keep them alive and they all seem to have a death wish.  You know that guy who always stands in the fire and when you say “Don’t stand in the fire,” they retort, “I was in fire?”  Yeah, NPCs are like that.  We won, of course, despite typical NPC behavior.  The post-battle celebration however went like this: Yeah, Lars, that’s right, we…wait, we what?  Dude, I don’t know what you were doing, but I most certainly was not doing THAT.  No wonder they keep following you.  I’m out of here before you get any other strange ideas.

I'm about to make someone in a JRPG somewhere very upset.

I’m about to make someone in a JRPG somewhere very upset.

Anyway, with that peculiar episode behind me, I left to find the next closest quest entrance.  This time, it was saving a bunch of prisoners from the cultists.  I was notified upon entry that I have a bonus objective to save prisoners.  Since I was there to save prisoners, I figured the bonus objective of saving prisoners was reasonable and could be easily accomplished while I saved prisoners.  Yes, I know, the main objective was to find a specific prisoner, but I have to take every opportunity to be poke fun or else I’d feel like less of a person.  Dorfben is chaotic good so of course he’s not going to just walk by all of these caged people on his way to the daughter, or cousin, or whoever he’s saving.  Plus, as we all know, you do anything for more XP in D&D.

I saved all the people I was supposed to save, killed all the people I was supposed to kill, and got no loot.  Huh?  All the other quests like this had a treasure chest somewhere with loot in it.  Well, except for the crystal defense one, but that was just one room.  Not sure if I missed it or Turbine got stingy.  Two quests down, one more to go.  My last quest is to save someone from a named necromancer.  The name isn’t mine, which is good since I hadn’t taken anyone prisoner (yet), if you were wondering.

I think I've found a flaw in your fish people-proofing.

I think I’ve found a flaw in your fish people-proofing.

This particular quest was short.  I hit a couple of switches that were guarded by fish people and a barrier dropped, revealing the XP in person form.  Naturally, that was when this famed necromancer showed up.  I think this guy was supposed to be difficult.  He was taking little damage from our attacks, but on the other hand, Hypocrisy took 1 damage the entire time.  Up until this point, the only damage he had taken was fall damage from bad pathing that was in no way a result of my unorthodox traversal techniques.  This was a long fight, but not a difficult one.  I killed him and saved the XP, er, prisoner and found the treasure…behind a locked gate.  Phenomenal arcane powers and defeated by a lock.  Again.

At this point, I had exhausted all I could do, besides looking for rares or killing another 600 landscape enemies (seriously, why do these instanced baddies not count?), so I returned back to town to turn in quests.  One of the quests rewarded goggles and I was hyped for how Dorfben would look, but then severely disappointed when no options would allow him to wear both the hat and goggles simultaneously.  Nothing but woes this day.

Next time, I may or may not save the world.  Feel free to leave comments, questions, compliments, or XP below.

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  1. In your inventory you can click on the rag doll head to toggle helm/goggle/none view.
    Also type “/gogglesup on” into chat to wear them on your forehead instead of your eyes 🙂


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