Gamehole Con News Roundup


Over the weekend WOTC was at a small game convention called Gamehole Con.


There was quite a bit of smaller news that came out of it. Here is a brief rundown of what we learned.


Chris Perkins was part of a D&D 5th Edition panel, during which he said

“WotC fully plans on electronic versions of the rulebooks, but that they have no timeline as of yet — “We have every intention of releasing the books in electronic versions. But we don’t have a date at this time.”


Also he stated

“It is our intention to bring back the OGL. We just don’t know when we are going to do it yet.”


For those wondering the OGL is  the Open Gaming License. To sum it up it is a way to allow third parties to publish support material for a game. It was used in the past with  D&D 3.x and is currently used by Pathfinder

As a matter of fact – Pathfinder RPG was created by using it. It was never used for 4E. Alot of people have being holding out the hope that it would return.

He also had a copy of the 5E DM Screen with him, The kind folks at Gamehole con tweeted a pic



The DM Screen will release on Jan 20th.

But wait! There’s More!

He was also asked about the launch of 5E

 “Player’s Handbook was number 1 for part of a week and top 3 for two weeks on Amazon; they’ve gone through “a few printings so far”… “There isn’t a New York publisher that wouldn’t pass out if you told them the number – it’s impressive.”


A lot of news coming out of this tiny Con held in Madison, Wisconsin.


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