Lamannia Release Notes (Last Updated 3-19-15)


Cordovan has posted updated release notes for the build on Lamannia, you can read them here.

A few of the Highlights:

Temple of Elemental Evil!

Explore the classic Temple of Elemental Evil! This new adventure pack (FREE to VIPs) offers both Heroic and Epic level versions. The NPCs that bestow and take adventurers to the Temple of Elemental Evil can be found in the Stormreach or Eveningstar Hall of Heroes in addition to the Hall of Heroes passport available from the Character Selection screen.

New Monster Manual!

A new volume of the Monster Manual is available in the DDO Store (free to VIPs)! Slay monsters anywhere in DDO and earn cool rewards, such as D&D monster art and cosmetic pets! This is the last Monster Manual edition to feature Astral Shards, so get it today – the next edition of Monster Manual will offer a different type of reward!



  • Bleed damage now scales 200% with Melee Power.
  • Ranged Power has been added to Epic Levels and Epic Destiny cores:
    • Each Epic level from 21 to 28 now increases Ranged Power by three.
    • Fatesinger, Shadowdancer, Primal Avatar and Shiradi Champion gain +4 Ranged Power per innate ability.
    • Grandmaster of Flowers and Legendary Dreadnaught gain +3 Ranged Power per innate ability.
    • Divine Crusader and Unyielding Sentinel gain +2 Ranged Power per innate ability.
    • Fury of the Wild gains +1 Ranged Power per innate ability.


  • The Rogue Assassin has been improved:
    • Core Abilities
      • Assassin’s Trick now works on all enemies, and no longer has a saving throw. The attack now has a shorter animation. Cooldown is now 6 seconds, and duration is now 15 seconds.
      • Nimbleness no longer requires sneak attacks, and works on any hit.
      • Deadly Shadow: You gain +2 Dexterity and +2 Intelligence. You gain 10 Melee Power and +4 Sneak Attack dice. You gain +4 to Reflex Saving Throws. You gain +2 to the DC of your Assassinate.
    • Tier One
      • Poison Strikes now applies an “Assassin’s Mark” to an opponent for 10 seconds.
      • Shiv no longer reduces threat when you attack, and instead offers an additional passive bonus that reduces the threat of all your attacks by 5/10/15%. The attack also makes a Bluff check, using your Bluff skill, when you strike an opponent, for one second + .25 seconds per Rogue level.)
      • Stealthy now also gains +20/35/50% movement speed while sneaking.
    • Tier Two
      • Venomed Blades costs 1/1/1 AP, and now scales with 200% Melee Power
      • Bleed Them Out’s bleed damage scales with 200% Melee Power.
      • Damage Boost’s cost has been reduced to 1 AP per level. The boost to Melee Power is now 10/20/30.
    • Tier Three
      • Critical Accuracy has been removed.
      • Critical Mastery: (1/1/1 AP) + 1/2/3 bonus to critical damage and to confirm critical hits.
    • Tier Four
      • Critical Damage has been removed.
      • Weakening Strikes reduces the Melee and Ranged Power of opponents by 10 + Rogue Level/2 for 10 seconds if you attack an enemy with an “Assassin’s Mark.”
      • Execute: If a target is below 30% health, deal 500 damage. This damage scales with 200% Melee Power, and has a cooldown of 15 seconds. This enhancement no longer has a sneak attack requirement.
    • Tier Five
      • Measure the Foe: Gain +4 Melee Power, +2 Dodge, +2 Maximum Dodge, +1 to hit and +1 to the DC’s of your Assassinate ability for every 4/2/1 seconds you remain stealthed. This effect stacks up to five times, and lasts 10 seconds after you come out of stealth.
      • Deadly Strikes: Your attacks against enemies with an “Assassin’s Mark” to +5 damage.
      • Light Armor Mastery: (1/1/1 AP) You gain 1/2/3 to Maximum Dodge. While wearing light armor, gain 2/4/6 to the Maximum Dexterity Bonus of your armor and armor check penalty, and gain 2/4/6 Physical Resistance Rating.
  • The Rogue Thief-Acrobat has been improved:
    • Core Abilities
      • Tumbler now adds +2 to maximum Dodge. Tumbler also adds +2 Maximum Dexterity Bonus when wearing Light Armor.
      • Kip Up now adds +2 to maximum Dodge and +2 Maximum Dexterity Bonus for Light Armor.
      • Cartwheel Charge now adds +2 to maximum Dodge. You also gain 5% Doublestrike while using quarterstaves and a +2 Maximum Dexterity Bonus for Light Armor.
    • Tier One
      • Sly Flourish’s bonus weapon damage has been increased to 1/2/3[W]. The enhancement comes with a passive ability that reduces the threat of all attacks by 5/10/15%. The cooldown has been reduced to eight seconds.
      • Faster Sneaking has been moved to the Assassin tree.
      • Fast Movement: You run 1% faster for each of your Rogue levels if you are wearing cloth or light armor.
    • Tier Two
      • Haste Boost now costs 1/1/1 AP.
    • Tier Three
      • Improved Glancing Blows has had its chance to produce secondary weapon attacks increased to 4/8/12%.
      • Shadow Dodge (2/2/2 AP) is no longer a toggle, and now adds 1/2/3 to Dodge, Maximum Dexterity while wearing light armor, and Dexterity.
      • Sweeping Strikes has had its cost reduced to 1/1/1
    • Tier Four
      • Staff Lunge has had its cost reduced to 1/1/1 and its damage bonus increased to 2/4/6[W]. Staff Lunge now passes through enemies and delivers an area of effect attack at the end of the lunge.
    • Tier Five
      • Acrobatic Staff Training: You gain +3 to hit and +3 damage with quarterstaves.
      • Spinning Staff Wall (2 AP): Activate to gain 50 Physical Resistance Rating for 20 seconds. Cooldown: 90 seconds. Passive: While wearing cloth or light armor, gain 5% Dodge, 5% Maximum Dodge, and 5 Maximum Dexterity Bonus with Light Armor.

DDO Store

  • The minimum level to purchase Veteran Status I and II has been removed.


There is plenty more in the note, but the big thing is The Temple!


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