Update 25 Patch 2 Release Notes


The release notes are now available for today’s patch.



Some of the highlights are :

  • The number of Mysterious Remnants that appear when killing a champion have been doubled on all difficulties, for both miniboss chests and non-chest drops.



  • Hirelings who are Standing their Ground will no longer leave their assigned area to aid players.
    Fixed a bug that could cause hirelings to switch back to “follow” mode shortly after a teleportation that was followed by a quick press of Stand Your Ground.


  • +7 Tomes and +6 to +7 Upgrade Tomes now function and display correctly on character sheets.
    Resistance Mythic effects have had their descriptions fixed.
    Temple of Elemental Evil Docents are no longer Bound to Character on Aquire.
    Fixed an effect error on the Doused Bastard Swords available from the Temple of Elemental Evil.
    The stack size for most thrown weapons and other ammunition is now 100, if it had been lower.

Quests and Adventure Areas
Temple of Elemental Evil

  • Players should no longer sometimes experience a locked chest after defeating Zuggtmoy.
    Elemental Victory can now drop.
    The objective “Slay Cragmore the Adamant” now completes.
    There is now an exit waypoint at the quest entrance.
    Fixed an issue that could cause multiple random encounters to trigger at the same time.

The Rogue also got some fixes/updates as well, you can read the full patch notes here



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