New DDO Store Preview


The eCommerce team has posted a new preview of the upcoming new DDO Store.

Here is a run down of the new features


The Store has a completely new look and layout! We’re keeping the functionality you expect, while simplifying and speeding up your experience.


  • The Store is now resizable! You can change the dimensions of the store to whatever you like.
  • Results will be displayed on one scrollable page! No more digging through pages of items to find what you want.
  • Faster and easier browsing! Simply click a Category, and see the sub-categories or items within that category. If you want to check a different sub-category, you no longer have to go back to the parent category.

Drac says – I REALLY like the new look, it seems cleaner and easier to read

  • Changing the quantity of a particular item is now easier! When you locate the item you’re looking for, simply click the plus sign to increase the quantity (or minus sign to decrease the quantity), and the price will automatically update a second later.


Bookmarking items is now easier! You no longer have to go into the long description section to bookmark a Favorite. Simply click the empty star in the top right of an item, and it will add it to your Favorites section. (Note: we also changed the name of this feature from Bookmarks to Favorites.)


Drac Says – I very much like the change to the quanitys! No longer do you need to put them in your cart first, then change the amount. And I can see how t his new bookmarking feature will come in very handy


  • We’re bringing back some popular payment methods such as Sofort, BOKU, PaySafeCard, & more.
  • We’re also adding new options such as the ability to use Subway gift cards to get points & more.


Drac Says – This is a great thing as well, the more difernt options you have the better.. But I found it really weird you can use a Subway or Burger King GC.

  • There is a new Specials section! We now have a SPECIALS section of the Store that will highlight promotions, Turbine Point sales, new items, & more.


Drac Says – Once again, I like the how they are making easier to see what you want. Nice and clean layout.


Spend less time in the Store! You can now choose to turn off the confirmation screen when making virtual item purchases. By default, the confirmation screen appears, but can be turned off by checking the box at the confirmation screen, or via the My Account screen. All future virtual item purchases will then complete instantly when you click the Buy button. This feature is not available for Turbine Point purchases.


Drac Says – Another nice thing I think, In and out fast.


Over all i think this is much needed and a good thing. the store was getting very dated and was slow and not very user friendly.

I REALLY do not understand the Burger King/Subway payment options, but I guess the more the better??



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  1. At least players can ask for subway gift cards from Grandma for birthdays without explaining you’re going to use it for a bunch of virtual potions! Not a bad idea.


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