Night Revels New Halloween Event Mysterious Portals *Updated Information*


We do know that a new Halloween event is coming. Other than that we don’t much more about it, But it seems that the entry points for the new “Mabar” event are in game. I guess they were added when U28 hit.

Mysterious Portals can found spread throughout Delera’s Graveyard

These were taking on LIVE. You can head into Delera’s and find them for yourself.

*Click Photos To See Full Size – To Read Text Better*

2015-09-27_00001 2015-09-27_00002 2015-09-27_00004 2015-09-27_00005 2015-09-27_00010 2015-09-27_00011 2015-09-27_00012 2015-09-27_00013

As you can see from the screen shots, it looks as if they are going to be Challange based. With rewards that you can use to what I”m going to guess Craft or trade for items.

Right now, if you try and enter one of the portals you get this message



I would assume that this just a place holder, since the event is not live yet. Also of note the lowest level you can set them at is 15. (My Rogue is 18)

What do you think of this?



There have a been a few other threads in the forums about this, and some of the Dev’s have been replying in them


You will not need to own or buy a Content Pack to play the Night Revels. Don’t read to closely into anything you see here (such as Challenge durations, or how you think Challenges play). The event is not in a finished state in the current Live build. We’ll have more info about the event soon!



To reiterate some of what Steelstar said: Don’t worry too much yet – especially about the “challenge” part. Yes, these will be somewhat similar to challenges, but they are less like all existing challenges than anything called a Challenge so far. Expecting it to be just like Cannith and Eveningstar challenges would be misleading.


Think of them less like challenges and more like quests that offer a wide range of levels. Unlike, say, Devil Assault, where we had several tiers of level (5 on casual, 6 on normal, 12 on hard, 18 on elite), we want characters at most levels to be able to run it closer (or above/below) their actual level.


  1. Woot! Hope it is a Halloween Event. Gamer child is close to level. We could have her level 15 very soon. I would love to do this with her.

  2. Great idea! These Halloween Challenges will be better than the Spectral Dragon. It looks like the Haunted House suggestion from the forums may have made it into the new Halloween event.

  3. This is quite interesting, thanks for the preview shots Draculetta!! It does make me wonder if this will be a VIP only thing. I hope not, all the other events are available all the way around.

  4. lrdslvrhnd /

    Devs have already said on the forums that it won’t be a VIP only thing. That’s just standard text when you can’t access it – in this case, because they’re not turned on.

    I would suspect that the ML 15 is also errant text. Honestly, the whole thing should still be hidden until they turn it on, so that’s causing silly bugs.

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