KULT: Divinity Lost – Horror Roleplaying Game


I’m late to the party on this one. I have no idea how this missed my radar!


Death is only the beginning… The infamous contemporary horror roleplaying game KULT is back, 25 years after its inception!

What if I told you the world you know it is a lie? Nothing is as it’s seems. Mankind is trapped in an Illusion. We do not see the great citadels of Metropolis towering over our highest skyscrapers. We do not hear the screams from the cellar where hidden stairs take us to Inferno. We do not smell the blood and burnt flesh from those sacrificed to long forgotten Gods.

Sounds pretty amazing and scary right? that’s the premise behind Kult RPG.

Kult Divinity Lost is a contemporary tabletop horror role-playing game that first came out in Sweden in 1991 and is now going through a highly successful Kickstarter campaign to release a new edition that will come out in December 2016.

The game was designed by Gunilla Jonsson and Michael Petersen and is currently licensed by Helmgast. The themes of the game have philosophical and religious elements in them and since Kult Divinity Lost is oriented on mature players you explore ideas that might not be common in most RPGs.

This anniversary version of the game features a completely new rule-set, and the setting is updated to present day. Escape your nightmares, strike bargains with demons, and try to stay alive in a world full of pain, torture, and death.

The game will use 2 D10’s to determine your fate,  The result explain what happens if the player roll a complete success (sum of 15 or higher), a success with a complication (sum between 10 to 14), or fails the roll (sum of or below 9). Based on the result the Player and/or the Narrator get to make choices, and the Narrator eventually describes the end outcome in the story context and how it affects the characters. (Interestingly, failing a roll, doesn’t always equal failing at a task in-game. It will however always be something interesting (and often horrific) happening.)


The kickstarter is set to end on March 31st and has all ready funded and is now filling out Stretch goals, so now is the time to get in on some goodies.

We will be sure to keep you updated on this project


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