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Everyone knows and loves Munchkin, So will it work when you combine the fun and zaniness with the action of Marvel?

USAopoly has created a Marvel comics version of the popular Munchkin brand. Let’s take a look

Game Play

In Munchkin Marvel, players will start at rank 1 and will  defeat evil “behind the door”  to go up to rank 10. The first to do so wins the game.

Players will start off with 4 cards from the door and treasure decks each.




You will be able to  add equipment, powers, allies and affiliations. These will add bonuses and abilities for when you face evil.

On a player’s turn they will flip over the top card of the door deck. If it is an enemy they will try to beat it based on their total strength (rank plus any card bonuses) from what number the monster level is. Of course, it would not be Munchkin if the other players did not  have the opportunity to help the enemy by playing cards that will boost his number or cause a different effect.  Of course, they can also help you, if you ask the other players for help offering them treasure or the kindness of their heart.

Once a person reaches rank 10 the game is over.



How Is This Different From Munchkin

There are not that much  difference in the game play of this vs “normal” Munchkin. The major change is you now have  a unique Shield power specific to your player card.

Another big change is you can recruit marvel heroes to help you, Iron Man, Spider Man to name a few.




The monsters in this edition of the game are super villains to fit it with the Marvel theme. You get some well known villains and several less known ones. It’s a nice mix




And of course your treasures you will get are Armor, Modern Weapons etc, again to keep with the Marvel theme.




Final Thoughts

The artwork is top notch, The colors pop, it looks and feels like it’s a comic. The cards are will built, they are on nice stock, they feel well made.

The game play is so close to Munchkin that it will be easy to teach to someone new, Or if you know the rules.

I’m wondering if it was licensing issue, as the geek in me noticed there are no X-Men and Fantastic Four at all. Would have been nice to see those as well, but minor geeky nitpick.

You can combine Munchkin Marvel with other editions to make a Super Munchkin game, which is something I did not do. I think I’ll have to do that, would be interesting to see the marvel heroes taking on the Gazebo!

This is a great addition to your game shelf. If your a Marvel fan, or just a fan of Munchkin. It stands well on it’s own. So even if you have never played a Munchkin game, this is great way to jump in.


You can pick up a copy at your friendly local game store or via Amazon


A BIG THANK YOU! To USAopoly for sending the review copy that we used for this review!




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